The Beginning of the End with Kyogre & Groudon V (VS カイオーガ & グラードン V VS Kyogre & Groudon V) is the 11th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 19.


While Sapphire tries to reach the Seafloor Cavern, Ruby wakes up in a hospital. Seeing all wounded around him, as well as others trying to do something to help Hoenn, starts doubting if he is useful at all.

Chapter plot

Sapphire is enraged and goes with Lorry to the Seafloor Cavern to find these villans for causing trouble in Hoenn region. Winona is certain the Seafloor Cavern is near Sootopolis City, but reminds Sapphire going to the bottom of the sea is impossible. Elsewhere, Groudon uses Rock Slide, blocking Roxanne's and Brawly's path. Brawly's Machoke retaliates with Focus Punch, but Groudon hits it back. Roxanne fears they aren't up to fight Groudon, for they aren't powerful enough to attack it back. Wattson and Flannery fight back against Kyogre. Wattson has Manectric store energy using Charge, then hits Kyogre with Thunder Wave. Flannery is pleased, while Wattson insults Kyogre, calling it a "big fat whale". However, Kyogre is unaffected and uses Calm Mind, then starts attacking everything around it.

Wallace comes to Stern's ship. Stern is pleased Wallace is here, though Wallace wishes Steven were here to help as well. Gabby and Ty wonder where is Ruby. Wallace replies he is at the hospital, since he has to send those he rescued there. Ruby wakes up and sees many injured ones around him. Thinking of Feefee, he goes to find her. However, he encounters Dock and the Pokémon fan club chairman, who are coughing badly. Gabby, Ty, Wallace and Stern visit the hospital. Ruby notices them and feels weak, for he always has been hiding and running away from problems. Wallace contacts Winona, apologizing he acted despite her orders, for he is in Slateport City.

Winona replies it matters not, for Kyogre and Groudon have awakened. She replies Roxanne and Brawly fight Groudon, while Flannery and Wattson combat Kyogre. Wallace replies he will join one of the teams, but Winona tells him fighting either ancient Pokémon won't solve a thing. She clarifies someone from the Seafloor Cavern is controlling those two Pokémon and once that person is defeated, the fighting will stop. Ruby sees Sapphire with a new Pokémon. He sees her Relly and has the feeling he is seen this Pokémon. Stern tells Winona the submarine and the detector are gone and they can't travel to the Seafloor Cavern.

Ruby recalls Mr. Briney's words and realizes Sapphire's Relly is the Relicanth Mr. Briney was talking about. He remembers people could've explored ocean depths with that Pokémon.


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