The Beginning of the End with Kyogre & Groudon III (VS カイオーガ & グラードン III VS Kyogre & Groudon III) is the 9th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 19.


The Gym Leaders, seeing the chaos in Hoenn region, are dispatched to the lands stricken by flood and drought. Sapphire, however, teams up with Winona and they go to the battlefield where drought and flood collide with each other.

Chapter plot

As Groudon burrows deep beneath the earth, the plants burn away. Sapphire feels how the weather turned hot in Fortree City and sees with her own eyes the plants start to burn away. Sapphire sees the rivers have dried up. The Association director explains the Gym Leaders Kyogre, one of the ancient Pokémon, is flooding the city. Brawly runs to rescue Dewford, his home town. The director stops Brawly, for there is also a second Pokémon releasing energy. Flannery points out Fortree City is being under a heat wave. The Gym Leaders see this second Pokémon is beneath earth, causing the surface to suffer with this heat away. The director explains it is a matter of time when these two creatures meet in the middle and fight each other.

The director sends Brawly and Roxanne to the drought areas, while Flannery and Wattson have to go to the flooded areas and take the civilians to a safe place. Wattson thinks this safe place should be New Mauville, which is located deep beneath earth. The director knows Brawly would rather rescue Dewford Town, but explains all the Gym Leaders are needed and dispatched. The director asks Wallace to return to Fortree, while Winona is serving as a commander. He gives the Gym Leaders a PokéGear and a Great Ball. Sapphire returns and sees the Gym Leaders leaving to this mission, so she teams up with Winona.

The director sends help, evacuating all civilians to New Mauville. Sapphire flies on Troppy, along with Winona on her Altaria. Sapphire is afraid, for it turned from blazing hot to rainy cold weather. Winona isn't surprised, for they are near Route 123, where Groudon's drought and Kyogre's flood collide with each other. Sapphire sees with her own eyes the tsunami from the flooded region hits the drought region and evaporates. The Pokémon from the sea are left stranded, so Sapphire collects them and brings them onto Tropius to save them. Sapphire encounters a strange Pokémon, who has been scalded. She goes to help it, but a tsunami is about to strike her and Winona.





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