Walrein and Camerupt (VSトドゼルガ VS Walrein) is the 4th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 19.


Archie, leader of Team Aqua, is attacked by Maxie, boss of Team Magma. Both have an intense battle, but Maxie came here with a proposal for an alliance.

Chapter plot

Archie leaves the Hoenn TV building, but a voice tells him Team Aqua has been busy disguising themselves. His attack is being damaged, so Archie sends Walrein and notices his attacker is Maxie. Maxie does not know how Archie gained the position of the director, but knows well Archie has been twisting facts to make Team Magma the villain here. Archie replies Team Magma does not have the brains, so he had put all the blame on them. Maxie is disgusted and has Camerupt attack Walrein. Maxie is angered and tempts Archie into fighting him, as Walrein and Camerupt clash.

Archie is fond of Walrein, whose tusks can shatter ice into powder and freeze the opponent. Maxie reminds him Camerupt's Magma Armor prevents freezing. Archie is surprised, even more so that Walrein attacked Camerupt's back. Camerupt uses Eruption, hitting Walrein back. Elsewhere, Gabby rides with Ty, being furious their director has hidden some facts. Ty sees he can't do anything until Gabby is given a clear answer, since she won't phone the director. They stop and notice Archie, their director and his opponent, Maxie. Archie forgot to mention Walrein also has Thick Fat, reducing the fire damage.

Maxie stops the fight, telling they have the submarine and Team Aqua has the detector. He continues that both things are useless if not used together and reminds Archie he is also headed for the same place as Maxie is. Maxie simply claims that they could become allies just this once, until they reached their destination. Archie is hesitant, but agrees and calls Walrein back. Gabby is shocked, seeing that the director is with Team Aqua. Gabby goes to shout, by Ty shushes her, for they may get killed for seeing this conversation. Both are shocked about what just happened.






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