You Can Fight Day or Night With Lunatone & Solrock (VS ルナトーン & ソルロック VS Solrock & Lunatone) is the 3rd chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 19.


Tate and Liza, duo from the Mossdeep City, fight two members of Team Magma, who don't give up. Little they know it is Blaise, who created the illusions, whose intent is to grab the two orbs from Mt. Pyre...

Chapter plot

A long time ago, when Kyogre and Groudon fought a fierce battle that nearly brought the world to destruction, the power of the Red and Blue Orb was used to calm them down. On the top of Mt. Pyre, an old man and woman worry, for they asked Tate and Liza to battle the intruders, but those two twins are too young. However, the couple is aware that they need to protect both orbs at all costs. Tate and Liza have Solrock and Lunatone use Cosmic Power, raising their defense. Slugma use Flamethrower, but due to Cosmic Power and Solrock and Lunatone being Rock-type Pokémon, the damage is significantly reduced.

Liza's Lunatone uses Rock Slide, hitting Slugma back, while Tate's Solrock uses Meditate. Solrock's attack is powered up, so the Slugma use Acid Armor to power up their defenses. However, Solrock uses Psywave, defeating both Slugma. The twins are pleased to defeat these grunts, but Liza starts feeling dazed. Suddenly, they notice Slugma standing up and are taller than ever. Tate and Liza are determined to stand up once more and fight back. Above them, Blaise smiles, wishing if it was 2 on 2 battle. Liza and Tate try to attack, but miss and fail. Blaise reveals the twins have been fighting his illusions all this time, because his flames have reacted to the ones of the cemetery and create such illusions.

Blaise goes up to find the orbs and finds the couple. After defeating these old people, he takes the orbs, having no doubt these are the ones he was looking for.






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