I'm Always Grumpig First Thing in the Morning I (VSブーピッグ I VS Grumpig I) is the 1st chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 19.


Ruby and Sapphire meet each other at Fortree City. As their mentors, Winona and Wallace, fly off, Ruby and Sapphire face a bunch of upset Grumpig, who attack them.

Chapter plot

The car descends down, as Ruby and Sapphire gasp at each other being present here. Wallace and Winona wonder if they know each other. Sapphire pats Ruby, claiming they are competitors to each other. Ruby wonders what she is doing here, so Sapphire replies she is trying to defeat the Gym Leader, Winona, but Sapphire wonders why is Ruby doing here at the meeting of the Gym Leaders. Ruby is shocked to hear that and hides behind the car. Ruby is relieved, as he does not see Norman around. Winona reports to Wallace they are still alarmed about the threat of Hoenn region.

Ruby is surprised to see Wallace is the Gym Leader. Wallace asks isn't Ruby son of a Gym Leader. Ruby sees Wallace overheard Ty, but claims it does not change the fact he wants to pursue the Contests. Wallace sends his Seaking, Charles, who spins around. Ruby admires how beautiful the Pokémon is, thinking it is time for his training for Hyper and Master Rank Contests. Wallace checks the humidity and feels the air is damp. Thinking something is wrong, he orders Ruby to stay here and flies off in his car.

Winona goes to train Sapphire for the battles ahead. Sapphire has Chic use Blaze Kick on Altaria, but misses. Winona orders Sapphire to build speed, else Altaria will keep dodging the attacks. Winona advises to keep making small, but accurate attacks. Winona also notices Sapphire has to change position of herself and her Pokémon to have the control of the battle. Sapphire demonstrates what she has learned and Winona sees Sapphire learns quickly. Suddenly, Winona hears a report and leaves with Altaria, telling Sapphire she will come back shortly. Ruby and Sapphire are left alone and talk with each other. Castform pops out and recognizes Sapphire. Sapphire hugs Castform she saw in Mr. Stone's possession and hugs her, seeing how cute she is. Ruby also remarks Castform is cute.

Ruby is surprised, since normally Sapphire would argue with him. Sapphire asks does she start these quarrels, so Ruby replies he wouldn't be offensive, unless a quarrel is started. Sapphire apologises for being the one that fights all the time with Ruby, while Ruby remarks she is acting like a girl. Sapphire feels insulted, for a girl, as she can think fondly of someone. Suddenly, they feel an earthquake and encounter a Grumpig stampede. One Grumpig headbutts Sapphire and goes to stomp her. Ruby sends Nana, who uses Take Down to disperse all Grumpig off. After the battle, Sapphire asks Ruby is he really this strong this whole time.




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