I More Than Like You, Luvdisc II (VSラブカス II VS Luvdisc II) is the 10th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 18.


While Ruby challenges Wallace, Gabby and Ty go to visit Prof. Cozmo. Though Cozmo is not present, his scientists give info about the happenings of the Hoenn region.

Chapter plot

Ruby looks up to Wallace, who won the Beauty Contest. Ruby notices how Wallace's Whiscash looks much more beautiful than Mr. Briney's. However, he reminds himself he wants to win with Feefee as well, for she is well-conditioned. Suddenly, a man falls asleep and wakes up, for he burned a woman's shirt by his lit cigarette. Wallace has Luvdisc extinguish the flames, soaking the woman, who is angry at the man. She is annoyed at the man and goes to report him, but the man replies he fell asleep due to her constant boring talking. Seeing them arguing, Wallace has his Luvdisc, Elizabeth, calm them down. They are not angry anymore and the woman notices the man is her favorite fashion designer. They walk away, as the fashion designer promises the woman to give her a new shirt. Ruby is jealous Wallace uses has so beautiful, yet powerful, Pokémon.

Wallace leaves, but Ruby speeds up to him and shows him the ribbons. Ruby introduces himself and lets him know he was to be his challenger today. Since Ruby couldn't make it to the Beauty Contest, he challenges Wallace to a "out-of-Contest" Battle. Wallace's fans scold Ruby for challenging Wallace, but Wallace decides to accept his challenge. Ruby sends all his Pokémon except Feefee, fearing she may not do well in this battle.

Elsewhere, at the research lab, Gabby and Ty visit Professor Cozmo. However, they find only a bunch of dis-organized scientists. They reply Prof. Cozmo went to Mt. Chimney, but has not returned. Instead, the volcano has died and the sea level is rising. The scientists are worried, for normally Hoenn would be cold without the volcano. Because of that, the water does not evaporate and the sea is expanded. Some think it is the beginning of the legend of Groudon and Kyogre to start a war of destruction, as nature's balance has been distrubed. The scientist, however, is scolded, as others think it is only a myth. They see only Sootopolis City has been affected and should get word from the messenger, Wallace.

Ruby, however, has been defeated in the battle, as Wallace's Elizabeth shines with glitter.


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