I More Than Like You, Luvdisc I (VSラブカス I VS Luvdisc I) is the 9th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 18.


Ruby, Gabby and Ty go to Fallarbor Town. While Ruby goes to participate in Contests to forget about Courtney's words, Gabby and Ty go to visit Prof. Cozmo about disasters in Hoenn.

Chapter plot

Ruby goes with Gabby and Ty to Fallarbor Town. Gabby looks the picture of Riley and Wanda, along with the Whismur at the Rusturf Tunnel. The couple were glad they were re-united, as with the completion of the Rusturf Tunnel (with the Hyper Voice attack) they don't have to make a long de-tour, as Wanda lived in Verdanturf Town, while Riley lived in Rustboro City. However, they are still sad the enemy team is still on the loose. Gabby promised them they will find more about this Team Magma. Gabby regrets promising that, for Ruby had many encounters with Team Magma and has still said no word.

Gabby tries to ask Ruby, who refuses, as his past encounters with Team Magma have been nothing more than running for his life. Ruby tries to concentrate on his next Contests, but after remembering Courtney's words what does he think beautiful, he gasps and shakes his head, wanting to forget that. Ruby steps out, as they arrived to Fallarbor Town. Ruby steps on something and Ty explains those are volcanic ashes, falling from Mt. Chimney. He is surprised, though, as volcanic ash should be falling from the sky. Gabby is shocked and reads to Ty Mt. Chimney has been extinguished two days ago. They suspect some criminal activity, but notice Ruby has run off to the Contest Hall.

Ruby yells he wants to participate in more Contests. Gabby notices Ruby is too occupied with Contests, as if he wants to forget something. Ruby goes to participate, while Ty advises Gabby they could investigate the death of the volcano. Ty has been thinking and with things happening lately it could upset the balance of nature. He thinks these two Teams want to make a change about nature. Ty goes with Gabby to speak with Prof. Cozmo, who lives in Fallarbor Town, and is said to be an expert in such things. Ruby, however, is busy and has Nana use Roar, Kiki use Attract, Fofo use Shadow Ball and Mumu use Bide and wins the coolness, cuteness, toughness and smartness segments. Ruby goes to the beauty segment with Feefee, but notices something wrong. He speaks with the receptionist, who replies the beauty segment has ended, but he can come back tomorrow to participate.

Ruby goes to watch the beauty contest, but is flashed out by dazzling beauty. Ruby sees a man, whose performance makes excellent results. The man claims his team is beautiful, and that man is Wallace.




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