Going to Eleven with Loudred & Exploud I (VS ドゴーム & バクオング I VS Loudred & Exploud I) is the 6th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 18.


Courtney takes Ruby to a separate place and battles him. Ruby, hesitant at first, counterattacks, but Courtney has Ninetales overpower his Pokémon team.

Chapter plot

Courtney grabs Ruby and takes off. Gabby and Ty rush to help him, but are stalled by Team Magma grunts. Courtney shows Ruby the workers managed to complete half the tunnel, while Team Magma dug out the other end, so Rustboro and Verdanturf Town are linked. Ruby tries to get away, but Courtney had her gloves dipped in tree sap, so Ruby cannot be freed from her grasp. Ruby asks why is she taking him, so Courtney reminds him what happened at the Abandoned Ship and at Slateport City. Slamming him onto the wall, Courtney introduces herself to Ruby as one of the "Three Flares".

She sends Ninetales, so Ruby tries to avoid Ninetales' attacks. Courtney is unamused, for she led Ruby here to battle him, not to have her attacks dodged. She takes out a horn from her hood and shows a flame containing a memory and reveals some of her encounters with Ruby. Ruby sends his Pokémon to battle, pleasing Courtney, seeing he became serious about battling. Gabby and Ty try to find Ruby, but notice Whismur summoned a bunch of Loudred and Exploud. Gabby, Ty, Wanda and Riley cover their ears and lie down, for Loudred and Exploud make a powerful, bombastic shout.

Riley realizes this was Hyper Voice attack. The boulders are cleared, so everyone goes into the car to save Ruby. Courtney's Ninetales burns Ruby's Pokémon. Courtney takes it to Ruby Marshtomp can battle against these flames, but his other Pokémon cannot. Courtney has Ruby surrounded and lets him know the other admins have also their powers: Tabitha can use smoke to daze enemies to sleep, while Blaise uses fire to create illusions. However, Courtney is fond of her power to burn everything to black crisps. Courtney knows Ruby wants to bring a Pokémon's beauty in contests, but she does not consider the ribbon to represent such beauty. She asks him what is the most beautiful thing in the world, for, to her, it is when the fire claims its prey. She kneels to Ruby, asking if he would join Team Magma.




Hyper Voice


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