What Would You Do for a Whismur? (VSゴニョニョ VS Whismur) is the 5th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 18.


After managing to rescue Riley, Ruby, Gabby, Ty and Wanda are attacked by Team Magma. Their admit, Courtney, manages to remember Ruby from their past experiences.

Chapter plot

Ruby explains Mumu has a fin that works as a radar, so if they hit a specific spot, they can get Riley out. Mumu fires and blasts the rocks, soaking Gabby, Ty and Wanda accidentally. Mumu, after pushing away a boulder and using Rock Smash, rescues Riley, Wanda's husband. Wanda hugs Riley and thanks Ruby for rescuing him, who asks of her if she is ever a contest judge, she should vote for Ruby. For the reward, Ruby tosses a PokéBlock for Mumu. Riley wakes up from unconsciousness and begins to speak.

Riley tells them he halted the construction, knowing if they had dug even more, the tunnel would've collapsed. However, he does not understand how the tunnel still caved-in. A bunch of Whismur pass by, dazzling Ruby, considering them cute. Riley explains they halted the construction for Whismur, for if they started making even more noise, they would've run away in shock and fear, for they hear quiet noises other people cannot. Ruby is touched and yells Riley is an awesome person for halting the project for these cute Pokémon. Riley is still troubled, as somehow the tunnel caved-in and heard reports there are more and more earthquakes happening lately. Riley fears a disaster will befall Hoenn region, so Ruby remembers Absol as the Disaster Pokémon, but it is gone.

Whismur start running away and shouting, meaning danger is present. Suddenly, the tunnel starts caving-in, as Team Magma has made this disaster. The grunts explain earthquakes expand the land, the goal of Team Magma. After restraining the grunts, Courtney explains the rest they hoped to make the tunnel collapse in secret, but have failed. Team Magma attacks, so Ty sends Magnemite to defend them. Courtney goes to search for an object of great importance, a Red Orb, to awaken the Land Pokémon, Groudon. She hopes Team Aqua does not get the Blue Orb to awaken Kyogre. Ruby does not want to help, but Courtney remembers the boy from the Abandoned Ship and leaps to get to him.



Ty's Magnemite


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