It's Absol-utely a Bad Omen (VSアブソル VS Absol) is the 4th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 18.


After the Contests, Ruby seeks out Wally (in a rude way), but notices it is actually a woman, Wanda, Wally's cousin. Wanda tells Ruby of what happened to Wally, but suddenly receive a report the Rusturf Tunnel caved-in. Fearing for her husband, Wanda rushes in.

Chapter plot

Ruby is declared as the winner of the beauty contest. However, Ruby is still under impression of seeing Wally among the audience. He remembers Wally told he was going to Ever Grande City, but seeing him here, he thinks he came here to recuperate. Gabby and Ty tell him to stop staring and to move onto the next Contest. After the Contest, the painter drew Ruby's Pokémon team, who won all normal-rank Contests. However, Ruby rushes to find Wally and finds him in a bus. Ruby uses Feefee to use Ice Beam, which freezes the bus door. Ruby rushes in and enters the bus and grabs Wally. However, it is revealed it is a woman that looks like Wally.

Ruby is surprised, thinking Wally grew into a girl. The passengers are angered at Ruby for the attack, who apologises. Gabby and Ty take Wanda, Wally's cousin, and Ruby, into the car. Wanda replies she has been used to being mistaken for Wally all the time. Wanda admits Wally told her what happened in Petalburg City, but he only told her. Wally told her Ruby helped him and gave his Ralts, but was lost in an earthquake. Wanda remembers Wally was with her, for a time, to recuperate, since the town has a lot of fresh air. She thinks the Pokémon he had also helped him to feel better and thanked Ruby for helping Wally catch Kecleon. Sadly for Ruby, Wally already left to a better hospital this morning, while Wanda thinks Wally's worries would've been put to ease, knowing Ruby is fine and alive. Suddenly, they hear news from Hoenn TV Rusturf Tunnel has collapsed, even if the construction work inside has been paused for a while.

Wanda is shocked, for her fiancé, Riley, is working there. Ty speeds up towards the tunnel. As they ride, Ruby sees a beautiful Pokémon, but is met by some coldness. Ruby checks out it is an Absol, but is met with chill seeing this Pokémon, for Absol's presence means a disaster will strike. The workers at the tunnel yell there is someone hurt inside the tunnel. Wanda is told Riley, her husband, has been trapped inside the tunnel. Wanda takes the wheel and speed up inside, wanting to search for her husband. Ty sees Absol near him and accuses it was the one that did this. Gabby doubts they can do much, but Ruby assures her she is wrong, as his Mumu will do the trick.


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