Mind-Boggling with Medicham (VSチャーレム VS Medicham) is the 3rd chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 18.


Ruby has gone far and managed to acquire the Contest Pass to participate in his first contests. Meanwhile, Team Magma makes their next move.

Chapter plot

At the Desert Ruins, Tabitha comes to his boss, telling the volcano has died, despite his attempts to revive it. Blaise, however, tries to fix the detector, while Courtney decides to search for "treasure". The boss, Maxie, asks her to share her memories. She shows him pictures of Ruby and flies off. Maxie is pleased, for it is his time to act, as he ditches his cloak. Elsewhere, Ruby is starting to participate in the contests. At the normal rank, Ruby has his Kiki growl out. The audience is flattered by this cute move and Ruby wins the round. The painter has managed to paint Ruby's Nana, the winner of the coolness segment, as well as Kiki, who won the audience by her cuteness.

Ruby managed to make a sweater for Mumu. Despite his pain, since he has not recovered from the battle with Norman, Ruby still goes for the Contests, since he managed to acquire the Contest Pass a while ago. Ruby decides to use Mumu for Toughness, Fofo for Smartness and Feefee for Beauty Contest. Suddenly, Ruby is approached by Gabby and Ty, who want to ask him a few questions about the Contests. Gabby interviews Ruby, who tells his team is always beautiful. Suddenly, Ruby leaps in the back, since he does not want to be presented as a victim of a crime. Ruby runs off crying to the stage to win the beauty segment.

Ty wonders if it was wise of them to have Mr. Stone's Castform join Ruby, who already nicknamed it as Fofo. Ty thinks they should be investigating the submarine crisis, but Gabby tells she feels something about this boy, like a hidden potential, that they should document. The announcer tells the audience there are four ranks of Contests: normal, super, hyper and master rank. Each rank has five contests types: smart, tough, cute, cool and beauty segment. Gabby and Ty see Ruby wishes to win all 20 contests. The announcer claims to win, the moves have to be elegant, not powerful. Also, after they have been judged on appearance, the Pokémon have to utilize moves. Ruby is on stage with Feebas. The audience is not pleased he would use "that" Pokémon.

Ruby knows well sometimes a Pokémon can win in a Contest. However, his aim is to turn around by having Feebas flash and shine to amuse the audience. Feebas uses Water Pulse, making the audience pleased by her appeal. Suddenly, Ruby notices a familiar person: Wally.



Contest Pass


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