Mixing It Up with Magcargo (VSマグカルゴ VS Magcargo) is the 2nd chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 18.


After the attempt to revive the volcano, Sapphire tries to cheer up Flannery by visiting a hot spring. Flannery, however, has a battle in mind to restore her battle determination as a Gym Leader.

Chapter plot

Flannery and Tabitha managed to blow up the volcano. Flannery hugs Tabitha for this success. Alas, this was a temporary effect, as the volcano lost the heat. Tabitha is discouraged, as they used their most powerful attack to revive the volcano and failed. However, he wants to pay back to Team Aqua for this act, wanting to expand the land himself. He praises Flannery's skill and flies off with Swellow. Flannery tries to get Sapphire out, who has Troppy use Solar Beam. She tries to fight back the enemy, but realizes she has been duped. She touches the walls, revealing to be Mirror Coat, being able to reflect the damage back.

Sapphire curses them for this act. However, Sapphire notices a shiny object and picks it up. She gets out and tells Flannery Team Aqua has fled. Flannery does not bear good news either, for she couldn't revive the volcano. They take the road back to Lavaridge Town, where Flannery cries she couldn't protect her town, being a Gym Leader. Sapphire sees a hot spring and takes her clothes off, thinking it would be a wasted opportunity if she didn't try the hot water out. Flannery also takes a dip and is given some fruit. Seeing Sapphire wants to cheer her up, Flannery asks of Sapphire for a battle, right here, to start out anew as a Gym Leader.

Sapphire accepts and has Chic battle Flannery's Magcargo. Chic leaps and charges, using Double Kick on Magcargo. Both use Flamethrower and make a collision. Chic leaps and attacks Magcargo, who releases heat from its rock. Flannery and Sapphire look at each other and giggle after this fine battle. The water goes cold, so everyone gets out of the spring. Flannery tells Sapphire her grandfather was one of the Elite Four. Inspired by his deeds, Flannery walked in his footsteps and became a Gym Leader. She is determined to fight back, for she will not let herself be disappointed after this event.

Flannery decides to inform other Gym Leaders about this. Sapphire replies she will challenge other Gyms, then take Team Aqua out. Flannery gives her directions to Fortree City and gives her the Heat Badge. Sapphire thanks her and flies off with Troppy, having 49 days to complete the bet.


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