Assaulted by Pelipper I (VSペリッパー I VS Pelipper I) is the 13th and final chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 17.


Flannery goes with Sapphire to attack Team Magma, who prepare themselves for an action that could defy nature itself.

Chapter plot

Shelly and Professor Cozmo meet up with Amber, who shows them the machine. Cozmo is aware this should stop the volcano's activities, allowing sea level to rise up. Amber claims the sea level has been dropping for the past years, so they are trying to rise the water level to protect life. Cozmo thinks it is a noble goal, but is told the machine requires more power to reach the center of the volcano. Cozmo shows them the meteorite and they decide to use it. Amber notices something and move towards the cable car. Professor Cozmo is terrified to see Matt unconscious, while Amber realizes he failed to stop Sapphire. He replies to Prof. Cozmo Matt was supposed to negotiate with enemy forces, while Amber was programming the machine and Shelly brought Prof. Cozmo here.

Amber dismisses Prof. Cozmo, who goes with Shelly back to the top to protect him. Amber sends Pelipper and flies up with it. Sapphire and Flannery fly with Troppy, who uses Razor Leaf to attack the camp. Amber comes with Pelipper, who uses Hydro Pump, though Troppy blocks the attack. Prof. Cozmo tries to complete the machine, while Sapphire tries to pass through Pelipper. She notices Amber is defending at first, but once close enough, he launches an attack. Troppy uses Magical Leaf to attack the machine, but the attack is deflected. Cozmo completes the machine, making him and Shelly glad, though Amber explains to Sapphire they fooled Prof. Cozmo to do their bidding.

The machine blasts out, starting to cool down the volcano. At Lavaridge Town, people start complaining, as the hot springs have turned cold. The townsfolk realize the activity at the volcano has been stopped, pleasing Archie, who is at the town. However, this death of the volcano has upset the balance, as one of the two ancient beings has been awakened. Ruby and Sapphire, however, have 49 days left to complete their challenge.




Magical Leaf



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