Bubble Bubble Toil and Azumarill II (VSマリルリ II VS Azumarill II) is the 12th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 17.


While Team Aqua continues their plans and brings Professor Cozmo in, Sapphire continues her fight against Matt. Despite the upper hand, Matt has been fooled by Sapphire's strategy and Sapphire counterattacks. At the end of the battle, Sapphire joins Flannery to battle atop Mt. Chimney itself.

Chapter plot

Sapphire pushes Flannery away to dodge Sharpedo's attack, while Matt laughs at their attempts. He sees they are holding their breath for four minutes, even. Flannery is becoming unconscious at the lack of oxygen, so Sapphire realizes they need a way to breathe in. Matt has Sharpedo attack them, so Sapphire sends Rono to intercept, using Iron Defense. Sharpedo breaks its fangs on this steel, but regrows them back. Sapphire tries to fight back, but also falls unconscious at the lack of air.

Amber trusts Matt enough he defeated Sapphire and Flannery. He contacts Shelly, telling her he has finished his business here. Shelly replies he has Professor Cozmo with her, who thanks her on the help with mining, as well as the funding. Shelly simply replies he shouldn't worry about the money and should just do his business. Cozmo thinks it is honorable to protect the sea, from where life has started. He unwraps the meteorite, while Shelly has other plans. At the cable car, Matt cherishes the victory, but hears something. Flannery and Sapphire pushed themselves up to reach the surface and breathe the air. Matt is shocked, as the water level is decreasing, for there is a crack in the window.

Sapphire replies she had Sharpedo's fangs used to pierce the window and let the water out. Matt has Azumarill and Sharpedo attack, but are hit by Take Down. Matt is defeated and blown out of the cable car. Sapphire and Flannery come out as well. Flannery sees Sapphire is as good as they tell. She decides to go to Mt. Chimney, as something big is happening there and wants to protect her hometown lying near the volcano. Flannery introduces herself to Sapphire, who decides to come along, as Team Aqua is after her. Since she is not for climbing much, Sapphire decides to use a flying Pokémon, actually belonging to her father. She whistles, showing Flannery a Tropius.



Professor Cozmo





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