Bubble Bubble Toil and Azumarill I (VSマリルリ I VS Azumarill I) is the 11th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 17.


Strange disturbances are at Mt. Chimney. Sapphire notices a Gym Leader has been captured and goes to save her, but falls a victim of a trap, all the while Team Aqua plans on making their next move.

Chapter plot

At Lavaridge Gym, Flannery trains her Magcargo, who uses Flamethrower on a Trapinch, defeating the challenger. Winona praises her on the training, for she does well for a new Gym Leader. However, she warns Flannery there is a challenger, named Sapphire, that has defeated three Gym Leaders and is heading towards Lavaridge Town. Flannery storms off, promising she won't decline a request for a battle from Sapphire. A bunch of people heard her and plan on intimidating her, as they send Ludicolo and Carvanha.

Sapphire gazes the volcano, Mt. Chimney, and near it is supposed to be Lavaridge Town. She notices the cable car that should take her up, but sees it does not function. Sapphire goes to climb, but sees someone is being captured in the cable car by a person that took Mr. Stone's device. Matt thanks Flannery, for she provided info about Sapphire, who is just below. Sapphire is enraged and bounces up to the cable car. Sapphire decides she will stop these people, since they hurt Flannery, an innocent person, to get her. Chic charges in to attack, but is blocked and hit by Matt's Azumarill.

Azumarill floods the cable car, while Matt replies the cable car is airtight, meaning water won't come out of it and will drown Sapphire and Flannery. Sapphire replies Matt will drown as well, but he makes sure that Azumarill creates a balloon, allowing him to breathe when Sapphire and Flannery are drowning in. Matt laughs and mocks them, then sends Sharpedo, wanting to finish them here. At the top of Mt. Chimney, Team Aqua has gathered to extinguish the volcano.




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