Hanging Around With Slaking III (VSケッキング III VS Slaking III) is the 10th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 17.


Ruby and Norman hang on a branch, endangering their lives. As they fall down, Ruby uses Norman's birthday present to rescue their lives. Before going away, Norman expresses about Ruby's Contests.

Chapter plot

Before moving to Hoenn, Norman promised his wife he'd allow Ruby to enter the Contests. Ruby's mother was surprised, but Norman assured her Ruby grew up and can behave himself properly. Norman wished Ruby would participate in the battles, but allowed him to go to the Contests. Norman decided to tell Ruby this on his birthday, on the day he moved to Hoenn. Ruby's mother wishes if only Ruby waited few hours more for Norman to arrive. Ruby and Norman hang onto the branch. Ruby sees if they fall, he and his father would land onto the jagged spikes and rubble. Norman feels his fingers slipping, so has Castform come to illuminate the area, so it is no longer wet. However, the branch snaps in two and Ruby and Norman fall down.

Feebas comes out and Ruby asks Feefee (giving it a nickname) to save them. Feefee uses its powers, but fails to do anything significant. Norman urges Ruby to use the Running Shoes. The shoes start working, causing Ruby and Norman to land near a tree, saving both of them. Gabby, Ty, Mumu and the swimmer go to find them, while Ruby realizes his birthday present from his father saved their lives. Norman goes to battle Ruby more, but receives a call from Winona. Winona flies to him with Flannery. Winona scolds Norman, for he left the Gym unattended and any challenger that came to his Gym couldn't enter. The Pokémon Association has decided Winona to be the mentor and asks Norman to return to the Gym.

Before leaving, Norman turns to Ruby and had enough of his foolishness. He orders Ruby to go to compete in the Contests and win before returning home. Norman gives him the PokéBlock Case, which Ruby left at Slateport Shipyard and asks of him to call his mother sometime. Gabby, Ty and the swimmer are touched, as Norman finally allows his son to do his hobby. Despite unconscious, Ruby thanks his father for this permission. Gabby and Ty decide to drive Ruby to Verdanturf Town. The swimmer bids them farewell, but forgot he needed Feebas in the first place. Castform looks at Ruby and floats to him, while Gabby thinks they should let Castform stay with Ruby. Ty is shocked, as this is Mr. Stone's Pokémon. Gabby reminds him Mr. Stone is at the hospital and they could just be with Ruby, keep an eye on him. Ty is outraged and decides Gabby should do whatever she likes.

Sapphire, however, passes their car and heads to a volcano, as she has 55 days before obtaining five more badges.



Altaria (Winona's)


PokéBlock Case


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