Hanging Around With Slaking II (VSケッキング II VS Slaking II) is the 9th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 17.


Norman and Ruby continue their battle. However, both are important to Gabby, who asks for Castform's help to stop this battle. Castform manages to stop the fight, but Norman and Ruby face another danger.

Chapter plot

Norman realizes Ruby's Mumu sneaked through the pipes and uses Mud Shot to attack them. Vigoroth uses Focus Punch, reflecting Mud Shot back to Ruby. Ruby does not hold back, as Mumu has the advantage of having mud and water supplies to attack Norman. Gabby is shocked Norman is battling his own son. Ty and the swimmer think it is not a wise idea to interfere, but Gabby demands they need Ruby's info and Norman's willingness to fight the threat of Hoenn. Gabby notices Castform can change its form, depending on the weather, which can manipulate. Gabby shakes Castform, wanting to lend its power to stop this family quarrel.

On the roof, Slaking uses Bulk Up and pushes the stairs, causing Ruby to hang on the edge. He hangs onto the beam not to fall down. Norman asks him to come with him home. Seeing Ruby goes to attack, Gabby asks Castform to stop this, for they need these people to fight off the enemies of Hoenn, else there will be casualties, like Mr. Stone. Mumu uses Mud Shot, allowing Ruby to direct the attack using the pipe, but light shines. Castform used Sunny Day, causing Mud Shot to be dissolved.

Norman goes to Ruby, but the stairs begin to shake. Ruby's mother worries for her son, as they planned to tell him something on his birthday. She and his father were planning on tell him he could go conquer the Hoenn's contests. However, this is compromised, as Ruby and Norman are in danger.



Bulk Up


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