Hanging Around With Slaking I (VSケッキング I VS Slaking I) is the 8th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 17.


Norman and Ruby start their intense battle. Norman focuses on every attack, demanding answers and respect. Ruby, however, makes a distraction for his father and fights back.

Chapter plot

As Ty rides the car, Gabby comments something is happening in Hoenn region. Suddenly, Castform transforms, as it begins to rain. Gabby decides they should look after the boy, his father and the man in red, who took away the submarine. Suddenly, Castform tries to get attention, as they all arrived to the Weather Research Institute. They see Norman intimidating Ruby, grabbing him by his collar. Gabby and Ty rush to talk to Ruby, whose father punishes him, asking why did he run off from home. Ruby is pushed down the stairs, while Norman demands he should raise his complaints right now. Ruby explains to the swimmer this is his father, who found him, as Ruby ran away from home.

The swimmer asks why doesn't he apologize. Ruby tells he has three choices, either to apologize and go back home or run away more. Norman sends Slaking, who raises the stairs, causing Ruby to hang onto the end. Ruby finishes, telling the third option is to battle back. He decides to battle, wanting to prove he is determined to win the Hoenn contests. He asks of the swimmer not to watch the battle. Ruby jumps and sends Kiki and Nana, who use Iron Tail and Hyper Beam against Slaking and Vigoroth, who fight back. Ruby expresses he wants to participate in Contests, though Norman replies he taught Kiki and Nana those attacks. Norman lets Ruby know Norman knows all his strategies and should come home. Ruby replies he has a secret ace, a new partner.

Norman hears something in the pipes. Ruby claims Nana and Kiki attacked to make distraction and way for a new attack: Mud Shot. Gabby and Ty arrive to the Institute and hear a battle raging on.




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