On the Loose and Hyper With Zangoose and Seviper II (VS ザングース & ハブネーク II VS Zangoose & Seviper II) is the 7th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 17.


The Feebas repels Zangoose's and Seviper's attacks, allowing Ruby and the swimmer to flee in safety. After the battle, however, Ruby faces his worth threat yet: his own father.

Chapter plot

Zangoose and Seviper attack, but are stopped by a force. The swimmer notices Feebas used Light Screen. Feebas glows, using Mirror Coat to hit Zangoose and Seviper back, their claws and fangs being crushed. Ruby's and the swimmer's Pokémon are freed and retreat away. Seviper and Zangoose attack the trees, but notice nobody is present around. Ruby is glad that he has the PokéNav, for through it they managed to escape into this building. Ruby is disgusted for touching Feebas, while the swimmer yells Feebas has saved them and likes Ruby, hence why it saved his PokéNav. Ruby asks what he should do with this Feebas. The swimmer replies he should, of course, keep it. Ruby does not want such an ugly Pokémon and thinks the swimmer should have it. The swimmer replies he wanted it, but seeing Feebas likes Ruby, decides not to take it.

Instead, he thinks he could force Ruby to breed Feebas, allowing the swimmer to sell more Feebas. Seeing at his Pokémon, Ruby is disgusted at Marshtomp and Feebas, for they don't fit in his team. Ruby decides to keep Feebas, only to release it later. Ruby wonders where they are, anyway, and checks they are at the Weather Research Institute. It has been told this place is deserted and machines move during the night. Mumu sees a PokéBlock and takes it, then follows the trail. Ruby sees Mumu has gone and follows the PokéBlock trail. He notices these are the ones Mumu loves and thinks he made them. A voice tells him that he did made them and left it at Slateport Shipyard.

Behind Ruby, his father appears. Ruby asks why is he here, so Norman replies Ruby cannot fool him easily. The swimmer looks for Ruby, who gets attacked and bashed to a wall. Ruby tells swimmer he may be looking at the worst family quarrels yet, as Norman goes after Ruby.


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