On the Loose and Hyper With Zangoose and Seviper I (VS ザングース & ハブネーク I VS Zangoose & Seviper I) is the 6th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 17.


As Norman goes off to find his son, Ruby and the swimmer try to sneak away from a battle between a Zangoose and a Seviper. However, they accidentally make noise and are chased away. Feebas appears and goes to fight back these two viscious Pokémon.

Chapter plot

Seeing Norman, Gabby informs him what happened to Mr. Stone and Captain Stern. Norman shushes her, and dives into the sea. He finds a part and takes the security tape. Captain Stern objects, but Norman replies he is looking for his "idiot" son, who left as soon as he and his mother arrived to Hoenn. Norman surfs off with Vigoroth, while Gabby tells Ty that a man of his dedication would be good to use to see what is happening in Hoenn. Ty knows that Team Aqua is behind this, but Gabby replies they don't know who took the Karen I submarine, for they know it is a man in red, not blue. Ty asks are there two organizations in Hoenn.

Ruby has no luck in catching Feebas. He and the swimmer notice something and hide. They see a Zangoose, as well as a Seviper. Ruby sees these two will always fight, as heated rivals. Ruby and the swimmer decide to sneak away as these two have the battle. However, the rod catches something and the swimmer makes noise. Seviper and Zangoose notice them and chase them away, since they think these two interrupted their battle. Ruby tries to find his PokéNav, but is gone. Zangoose and Seviper attack, so Ruby sends out the Poké Balls, but Seviper and Zangoose crash the Poké Balls, nearly hurting the Pokémon inside of them.

Feebas appears, with the PokéNav in its mouth. The swimmer suspects Feebas picked Ruby's PokéNav after it fell into the sea. Zangoose and Seviper attack, but Feebas starts glowing, preparing for a counterattack.





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