Plugging Past Electrike II (VSラクライII VS Electrike II) is the 4th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 17.


Wattson is binded to the generator, which strikes one bolt after another. Sapphire makes a brilliant plan to counterattack this generator. However, Wattson and the Trick Master find a note, as well as a button, which changes the entire New Mauville.

Chapter plot

Sapphire pushes the Trick Master away as they dodge the generator's bolt. The Trick Master senses the generator has a powerful electrical force. The Trick Master goes to fight the generator, but Sapphire takes Trick Master's robot and runs away, since the generator is too powerful. Suddenly, Sapphire and the Trick Master begin to walk odd, as the magnetic force coming from the generator is too strong, affecting them as well. Sapphire sees Donphan and realizes it was rampaging above because it sensed the magnetic force changed. Sapphire knows they have to save Wattson, at least. A strong explosion is occurs, blowing Donphan, Sapphire and the Trick Master away.

The Trick Master analyzes this bot from the distance and detects it absorbs energy and releases it, meaning they have a chance to destroy the generator before it absorbs energy. Sapphire decides to lend Electrike and charges in, evading the generator's bolt attack. The Trick Master analyzes Sapphire's strategy and sees Electrike absorbs the energy the generator would and she has Donphan use Rollout, freeing Wattson. The generator takes heavy damage and falls down, destroyed. Sapphire congratulates Donphan on freeing Wattson. Suddenly, they hear voices coming from the generator.

They read that should one find this generator to press the red button, written by Konkosai, the robot king and the Trick Master's ancestor. They press the button, turning the entire place into an amusement park. Days later, Wattson and the Trick Master are glad the children have the New Mauville as the new place to play. With Donphan on her team, as well as the Dynamo Badge in her possession Sapphire bids farewell to the two old men and goes to next town. However, the bet counts at 57 days.


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