Plugging Past Electrike I (VSラクライI VS Electrike I) is the 3rd chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 17.


After angering a Donphan, the Trick Master, Sapphire and Wattson fall through the hole and reach New Mauville. Sapphire, who understands Trick Master's and Wattson's goal to find this city to entertain children, decides to help them. However, Wattson is binded to a generator, which starts attacking.

Chapter plot

Sapphire searches with the Trick Master and Wattson for the entrance and manages to open it. Before entering, a bunch of children come to challenge Wattson, who sends Magnemite and Electrike and defeats their Pokémon. The children aren't surprised much, knowing Wattson is the Gym Leader, surprising Sapphire. Wattson replies she can't expect him to lead a gym made of lead. Since they came and battled, Wattson gives them out badges. Sapphire is angry, since that wasn't an actual gym battle. Sapphire asks why, so Wattson replies the association has given him the right to give out badges to anyone he feels he is impressed about, and he was impressed by their enthusiasm. Wattson tells he can do the Gym Battles anywhere and gives Sapphire the Dynamo Badge, as she showed the entrance to New Mauville. Sapphire is angry, as she went on this journey to battle Gym Leaders and does not expect them to hand over the badge so easily.

She tosses it, but it lands onto Donphan, who becomes enraged. The trio runs and falls down the hole, including Donphan. When they gain consciousness, the Trick Master and Donphan start attacking each other, making Sapphire yell at them to stop that. The Trick Master activates the lights, showing New Mauville. Sapphire and the Trick Master admire this city, while the Trick Master explains Sapphire this is a city made by their ancestors, but nobody knows where it was located and couldn't prove its existence until today. The Trick Master adds that Mauville City is known for having lot of children, but since there isn't many places for them to play, he and Wattson thought the ancestors built a city for the children to play in.

Sapphire realizes this importance and decides to help them, but in return, she asks for a proper Gym Battle. Sapphire yells out to Wattson, in the shadows, this request, who accepts and sends out Electrike and Magnemite. However, they notice Magnemite have fainted, since they ran out of electricity. Sapphire asks of Electrike to take her to Wattson. They run to him and see he is binded to the generator, which malfunctions and a bolt goes to strike Sapphire.




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