I'm Your Biggest Fan, Donphan (VSドンファン VS Donphan) is the 2nd chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 17.


Sapphire, who has failed to deliver the letter, decides to continue on. However, she gets attacked by robots and falls into a trap, intended for another Pokémon. Having a discussion with the trap makers, Wattson and Trick Master, they learn about a secret location.

Chapter plot

Sapphire tries to find Steven, wondering where he went to. She decides to continue with her quest, hoping Steven will be on the way while she challenges the Gyms. She reads the signpost saying Mauville City and wonders where the Gym is. She steps on something and notices the ground being slightly different. She hits the ground and falls down through a hole. She hangs on the leaves and manages to get up, landing on her butt. Sapphire soon encounters a robot, which attacks her. She, Chic and Rono escape, as more robots appear. She climbs a tree, which is one giant robot. The robot puts her and her Pokémon in a cart, which goes off and launches them all into a cage.

Two men cheer, as they caught Donphan. However, they see they caught a girl, while Donphan rages on. The men apologize and introduce themselves as Wattson and the Trick Master, who wanted to catch that Donphan. Sapphire is displeased, for she almost fell down and was a victim of a trap. Wattson and Trick Master hear of this hole and realizes it is not their trap, but an entrance to New Mauville. Sapphire is surprised to hear of an underground city, while Wattson remarks it was near them all this time, they think it was far as they never thought of it, displeasing Sapphire.



Trick Master


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