Slugging It Out with Slugma II (VSマグマッグII VS Slugma II) is the 1st chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 17.


Ruby starts his battle with Blaise, whose flames produce illusions, which are memories of one's dark past. However, Blaise does not realize Ruby's memory makes him more determined, as Ruby makes a turnaround to escape.

Chapter plot

The fanclub chairman worries for Ruby, who placed himself in danger for luring the Magma admin in. Blaise's Slugma releases flame, which Mumu counters. Blaise sees Ruby is a strong opponent the moment he saw him, so has his Slugma release even more flames. Ruby begins to feel delusional, while Blaise tells him like the "Little Matchstick Girl", she lit a matchstick so bright and hot it created an illusions. Blaise is fond of the ability, for he can do the same to his opponents. Ruby takes toll, while Blaise tells him he is called "the Shadow of Fire".

Dock and Stern try to get the submarine back, but are unable to. The chairman announces they need to stop these guys from creating the component to finish the submarine. Dock and Stern reply the part has been manufactured by Devon Corp., but the president, Mr. Stone, was attacked. Nobody knows where the part is, and nobody knew it was to be made. Ruby is engulfed by flames, but behind him his father and Slaking appear. Ruby tries to reach his father, wanting to become stronger. The illusion shatters and Ruby is exhausted. Blaise knows well Ruby experienced a lot of bad memories. Ruby smiles, for Blaise is correct that was his worst memory, but yells out that memory makes him want to step up, with pride and courage. Mumu uses Earthquake, hitting Slugma, though Blaise reminds him they are in a submarine. Ruby hits the wall, but notices something.

Ruby calls Mumu back and enters the escape pod. Ruby explains Blaise he knew about Slugma's behavior, for, if one watches a certain Pokémon closely and long enough, one can determine what its nature is. Ruby escapes, seeing he learned this lesson from his own father. Blaise contacts his leader, replying he has the submarine. It still lacks the part, but if they were to get a hold of it, they can travel to the Seafloor Cavern itself.


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