Adding It Up with Plusle & Minun I (VSプラスル & マイナン I VS Plusle & Minun I) is the 8th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 16.


Ruby, who was forced by Sapphire, lands in the Abandoned Ship. He gets pranked by two Pokémon, who were abandoned by the passengers of the Abandoned Ship. While Ruby chases these two Pokémon, Sapphire notices some trouble.

Chapter plot

Ruby and Sapphire are on Sea Route 108, where the infamous Abandoned Ship lies. While Ruby brushes and admires Kiki's fur, Sapphire is disgusted he is using make-up on his Pokémon, even if Ruby is the Gym Leader's son. Dismissing him, Sapphire trains with Chic. Ruby replies he is only interested in Contests, calling Sapphire a barbarian and a neanderthal, due to their first encounter. Sapphire yells out, annoyed Ruby does not understand it was meant for her father's fieldwork. Sapphire asks shouldn't Ruby be at least grateful for riding on her Lorry, but Ruby reminds her she dragged him in here. Annoyed even more, Sapphire goes to throw Ruby into the sea.

Lorry suddenly stops and Sapphire notices a ship in the distance. Sapphire realizes this is the Abandoned Ship, and has an idea. Since it is getting late, she decides to sleep on Lorry, forcing Ruby to go onto the Abandoned Ship and sleep there. Sapphire throws him on the deck, telling him he can come back on Lorry in the morning. Ruby is annoyed, for all his time he slept in hotels rather than Sapphire out in the wild. He searches through the plant-covered ship and finds a spot to sleep on. He lies down and notices some rare berries growing around: Wepear Berry, Razz Berry, Belue Berry and even the Spelon Berry. Mumu goes to pick them up, but is hit by a berry. Mumu uses his fin as a radar and detects the enemy, allowing Kiki and Nana to attack.

Ruby yells out on these attackers, which are actually two Pokémon. Ruby melts at their cuteness, displeasing his own Pokémon, so he claims he will forgive these two Pokémon this time. Ruby notices a book and sees it is a diary, so suspects these two Pokémon might have belonging to some passengers here, but were deserted. These two Pokémon give Mumu, Nana and Kiki some berries as presents. Ruby welcomes them, but soon sees it is another prank, for his Pokémon are confused. Ruby is furious, for these are berries his Pokémon couldn't digest, so chases these two Pokémon around the ship.

Outside, Sapphire hears someone and thinks it is Ruby. However, she hears the person talking to someone about drying the sea, so she is certain there is an enemy around.





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