Heavy Hitting Hariyama (VSハリテヤマ VS Hariyama) is the 7th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 16.


As Sapphire concludes her Gym match, she finds Ruby, who tells of his latest adventure. Sapphire, remembering about the letter, forces Ruby to come with her.

Chapter plot

Brawly has Sapphire in a tight spot, as his Hariyama goes to finish Chic, whose hand got stuck in the wall. Hariyama strikes, while Chic uses her leg to block the attack and both exchange attacks. Brawly tells Sapphire he won due to Hariyama's Counter. Sapphire disagrees, as Hariyama falls down, defeated. Brawly is shocked, seeing two bruises on Hariyama. Sapphire knows well if Chic were to attack Hariyama, she would lose due to Counter. However, Sapphire knew that and had Chic use Double Kick, allowing it to attack once more.

Sapphire knew well Brawly would use Hariyama's most powerful attack, so had Chic use that move. Brawly still wonders how she knew Makuhita would evolve. Sapphire replies that usually Gym Leaders don't reveal too much of their strategies, though Brawly already told her much. Sapphire thought he was hiding something and suspected there was a reason to come tonight. Brawly is surprised, but gives Sapphire her reward, the Knuckle Badge. Suddenly, a noise is heard from the nearby cave, so Sapphire speeds up, thinking of Ruby. Brawly stops her, warning that even if Sapphire trained there, there are still dangerous Pokémon inside this Granite Cave. Sapphire replies a fool is inside the cave. Brawly asks if her friend is inside the cave, but Sapphire denies he is her *friend*.

Brawly understands that, for he would also do anything for a friend. He also has a friend, whom he trained together and mastered gō. At any rate, Brawly bids her farewell, as he has to go on an expedition. Sapphire climbs up and finds Ruby on the Granite Cave. Ruby taunts her, thinking this is where she is looking for breakfast: grass and pebble soup. Sapphire yells out, replying she was looking for him, thinking Ruby is in danger. Ruby replies he was fighting Mawile with a man named Steven.

Sapphire is shocked and asks where he went. Ruby replies he went out to sea, so Sapphire grabs Ruby and runs off, hoping she may be able to catch up with him. Sapphire and Ruby land on Lorry and Sapphire commands Lorry to hurry up. It passed eleven days since Ruby and Sapphire made their bet.


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