Ring Ring Goes Beldum (VSダンバル VS Beldum) is the 6th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 16.


Steven helps out Ruby to capture Mawile. Ruby lures Mawile in, while Steven shows off his powerful Pokémon to overpower Mawile. At the end of the battle, however, Steven reveals his real purpose.

Chapter plot

As Steven watches Ruby's Mightyena and Delcatty evolve, Ruby is taking pictures of them, even as they are fighting Mawile. Ruby replies it is a chance of a lifetime, but Steven takes him and jumps, avoiding Mawile. Ruby notices Kiki is cuter, while Nana is cooler now. Steven admits his hobby is to collect stones, some of which cause Pokémon to evolve. Ruby thanks him and lets Steven know he can ask him for anything he desires. Steven asks of Ruby to go in a certain direction, though Ruby finds himself at a dead end. Steven snaps his fingers, as his Pokémon, that can detect stone, break out of rocks. He sends three Beldum, which use Iron Defense.

Ruby is worried, for Beldum are trapped in Mawile's jaws, but Steven replies Beldum are also made of steel. Nana and Coco circle around Mawile, preventing their escape. Steven snaps his fingers and from the ground a Metang and Metagross emerge. Steven lets Ruby know Metang and Metagross are powered by magnetic force, allowing them to levitate in air. He throws a cuff onto a rock and pulls a stone out of it. He identifies it to be a Sun Stone, while Coco evolved using a Moon Stone.

He is fond of it, for he may be able to polish it into a gem. They come outside and while Ruby is grateful for evolution, Steven pushes him away. He tells Ruby he is looking for a partner to fight off two forces invading the Hoenn region. Ruby tells his name and claims he is 11. Steven is dissatisfied and leaves, but promises he will meet Ruby again. Ruby wonders what forces could be at work, but shrugs off and continues the journey.




Sun Stone


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