Mashing Makuhita (VSマクノシタ VS Makuhita) is the 5th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 16.


Sapphire, seeing she does not have time to deliver Mr. Stone's letter, has a quick training and arrives to Brawly's Gym. Despite having her Pokémon evolved, Sapphire still has trouble facing Brawly's jū force, though Brawly intends on using it for an unexpected event.

Chapter plot

Sapphire is in a different section and starts her training with Chic and Rono. She has them attack a bunch of Zubat, Golbat, Geodude and Graveler. She remembers feeling strength coming from Brawly by just talking to him. She wants to learn the secret of jū, knowing that is a martial art Brawly will use. She remembers that he used to ride the waves instead of fighting them, as well as his statement that one does not need to fight forthright in battle. She is not happy, but apologizes to Mr. Stone, since she needs to focus on the Gym Battle, which will be fought tonight.

Later, Sapphire manages to get out of the Granite Cave and runs towards Dewford Town. She goes straight to the Gym, where Brawly awaits. Sapphire is pleased, so Brawly sends his Machop. However, he does not see what Pokémon Sapphire sent, as Sapphire immediately orders Peck. Machop barely dodges the attack from Sapphire's new Pokémon, a Combusken. Brawly is surprised, since this was quick and sudden. Sapphire sends her Lairon, who also evolved, then asks Brawly to send his secret weapon. Brawly calls Machop back and grants her request, sending his Makuhita, the Big Wave. Sapphire yells out Iron Tail and Metal Claw, but neither attack seems to hit Makuhita. Instead, Makuhita throws Rono away.

Brawly commends Makuhita, telling Sapphire like the wave, she shouldn't fight the force, but ride it. Seeing Rono wounded, Sapphire calls it back. Brawly sees though Sapphire trained Lairon well, it is still not enough to defeat the secret of jū. Sapphire sends Combusken, who uses Flamethrower. Brawly laughs, for fire-type attacks are less effective due to Makuhita's Thick Fat. Makuhita throws Chic away onto the wall. Sapphire is shocked, as Brawly can counter any of her attacks. Sapphire thinks there is more to jū. She explains she was raised in the woods, she climbed tall trees with the vine. She explains should one accumulate enough energy, the vine can be binded. She is certain Makuhita has been storing energy, since it never attacked directly, only repelling attacks.

Brawly commends on her correct answer, for Makuhita has been storing energy to evolve into a Makuhita. Which it does and strikes.




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