Guile from Mawile (VSクチート VS Mawile) is the 4th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 16.


Ruby meets up with Sapphire. Enraged, they split at the Granite Cave. Ruby tries to find a Pokémon Mr. Briney told him about, but gets attacked by a bunch of steel-jawed Pokémon, Mawile. However, he gets rescued by a fella named Steven.

Chapter plot

Briney asks Ruby is Sapphire her friend. Sapphire replies Ruby is her rival and introduces herself to Mr. Briney. Sapphire explains she challenges the gyms, while Ruby participates in contests, giggling about the last statement. Mr. Briney understands that, while Ruby is satisfied Sapphire is wearing clothes. Ruby reports he has not won a single contest yet, while Sapphire shows off she has received her first badge. Ruby replies he would've won a ribbon if there was a contest going around. As Ruby and Sapphire bicker, Briney and Peeko are worried how much they can insult each other.

At any rate, Ruby thanks Mr. Briney for taking him here and leaves with Sapphire. Both are angry they walk the same path and part with each other when facing a fork in a cave. Ruby knows well he is in Granite Cave and takes a book out of his bag. During his time at the ship, Mr. Briney gave him a book and pointed out an elegant Water Pokémon, a Milotic. Ruby dreams about having Milotic to win all Beauty Contests. Ruby runs off to find a Milotic, thinking Milotic may be seen in lakes and ponds. He finds a cave lake, but some Zubat and Golbat as well. However, he encounters some cute Pokémon.

However, one manages to bite Nana. Others go to bite Ruby and Kiki, but a man saves Ruby from being bitten. The man warns Ruby these are Mawile, who use their steel jaws to bite their opponents. Ruby is surprised, seeing his Nana is evolving, while the man's stone reacts to Kiki, who is also evolving. The man introduces himself as Steven and asks for Ruby's help. Ruby decides to help out, as his new Delcatty and Mightyena prepare for battle.




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