Blowing Past Nosepass II (VSノズパスII VS Nosepass II) is the 1st chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 16.


Sapphire continues her battle against Roxanne. Roxanne's Nosepass uses magnetic force to hamper Rono's movement. Just as it seems like a certain defeat for Sapphire, she realizes a thing Roxanne wanted to keep secret and uses it to win the battle.

Chapter plot

Sapphire is shocked she cannot return Aron back. Roxanne explains due to Nosepass' magnetic force, Rono cannot be returned back. Nosepass uses Rock Throw, hitting Rono and Sapphire. Roxanne admits she is a Rock-type trainer and while Steel-type Pokémon have the upper hand against rock, the magnetic force hampers their movement. Sapphire admits Roxanne is worthy of being the Gym Leader, but promises to defeat her. Nosepass attacks Sapphire and Rono, knocking them away. Roxanne tells Sapphire can't win this one, but Sapphire denies that. Sapphire realizes if Rono is too close, it won't be able to move, yet if it is too far, it can't attack.

Nosepass uses Rock Slide, which hits Sapphire and Rono. Roxanne is certain Rono has fainted and cannot battle. Roxanne opens the doors of the Gym, telling Sapphire she lost. Sapphire feels the wind breeze and knows well it is coming from the northern mountain. Sapphire orders Roxanne to return to the battlefield, since the fight is not over yet. Sapphire throws some stones on Nosepass, who turns around. However, Nosepass becomes confused, allowing Rono to hit Nosepass hard and defeat it. Sapphire knows well Nosepass' magnetic nose always faces towards north and when it turns around, it is forced to face towards north.

Roxanne asks Sapphire when did she learn of this. Sapphire she felt there was a reason for Roxanne to to fight her facing in front of her. Sapphire enjoys the breeze, advising Roxanne to get out sometime and not to spend too much time in books. Roxanne admits she is right and for defeating her, Roxanne presents Sapphire with the Stone Badge. Sapphire is glad and thinks she should head to Dewford Town to give the letter to Steven. Steven, however, has an investigation to make, informing Captain Stern about it.



Metagross (Steven's)



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