Mowing Down Ludicolo (VSルンパッパ VS Ludicolo) is the 10th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 15.


Sapphire tracks down the people, who attacked her and Mr. Stone, even stealing from the chairman. However, these men appear quite powerful, even the woman has her Ludicolo evolve. Teaming up with Mr. Stone's Castform, Sapphire manages to create a diversion, allowing her to escape.

Chapter plot

As Sapphire's Rono and Chic hold off a Sharpedo and Carvanha, a Lombre attacks Mr. Stone and steals a strange item from him. Sapphire slings Mr. Stone over her back, and with Gabby and Ty close behind, charges after the thieves into Petalburg Woods. Gabby suspects this all was planned, since she saw the broken bars at the fountain, as well as the Pokémon attacking Mr. Stone and stealing from him. Sapphire confirms this, seeing these Pokémon have a strange symbol on them. Gabby and Ty are surprised, since Sapphire saw these symbols for a second.

They arrive to the Petalburg Woods, also known as "Lost Woods". Sapphire shushes Gabby and Ty, hearing something in the woods. Sapphire admits being raised in the forest by her papa made her more energetic than others, improving her perception. Sapphire notices a hole in the bush and finds the three people, who are dressed in strange clothes. Sapphire is praised for her determintion, but she notices Lombre is missing. Lombre attacks Gabby and Ty from behind, so Sapphire has Chic and Rono attack it. However, the woman reveals that they fought Sharpedo, whose Rough Skin caused them to be injured by battling it. The woman throws a Water Stone at her Lombre, which evolves into a Ludicolo.

As Rono and Chic are swept away, the people, Matt, Shelly and Amber, are called by Archie, their boss. They reveal they have the item in hand, which was supposed to be brought to Slateport City to construct a submarine. Their leader, Archie, orders them to silence everyone that saw any of their activity. Sapphire goes to retreat, but Mr. Stone's Castform appears and warns Saphire of the incoming heat, transforming itself. Chic, powered by this heat, attacks Ludicolo. As these people are distracted, Sapphire runs off, carrying Mr. Stone, Gabby and Ty on her back.

She manages to carry them to Rustboro City. She thanks for Castform, whose body changes based on the weather. A badly injured Mr. Stone stands up and Sapphire apologizes for not retrieving the stolen object. Gabby and Ty admit they are newsreporters and will tell the authorities what happened here. Mr. Stone thanks them, then turns to Sapphire, giving her a letter and asks her to deliver it to his son, Steven in Dewford Town. Sapphire accepts this quest.



Steven Stone (silhouette)





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