Lombre Larceny (VSハスブレロ VS Lombre) (also known as VS Lombre in Chuang Yi version) is the 9th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 15.


Sapphire is in the middle of a crisis to rescue a man's Pokémon, stuck in a fountain. Though she succeeds, this was part of a ruse by a mysterious group, who wanted to kidnap a man, the president of Devon Corporation.

Chapter plot

Concerned citizens watch as Sapphire struggles with a fountain, searching for a Pokémon. Gabby and Ty watch the girl to rescue the Pokémon. A man asks Sapphire to stop it, knowing well that it has been sucked into the button and stuck trying to get out of it. He does not wish to give this a favor, but Sapphire replies she is doing this to save the Pokémon, not out of a favor. With Aron's help, who chews a part of the fountain, Sapphire hugs the fountain hard and destroys it. However, Sapphire frees the man's Castform. Since Castform's body temperature is low, Chic uses Ember to warm up its body.

The man is concerned, since Aron ate iron, but Sapphire replies her Rono likes eating iron anyway. Ty is happy the situation is resolved, though Gabby points out the man is the president of the Devon Corp., Mr. Stone. Ty approaches Sapphire and asks her for an interview. Sapphire studies the camera, seeing how city is much different from the town she grew up in. However, she refuses and leaps off. Gabby notices that the piping Castform was trapped in had been sabotaged.

Nearby, three repairmen communicate with a man, who is angry their plan was foiled, as they would kidnap the chairman unnoticed while everyone is distracted. However, he orders them to kidnap Mr. Stone by force. The repairmen take off their disguises, preparing to make their next move. Mr. Stone introduces himself to Sapphire and invites her to go to his company in next town. Suddenly, Sapphire lands down, feeling something inside the fountain. From the fountain, a Lombre, a Sharpedo and a Carvanha appear.





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