Tongue-Tied Kecleon (VSカクレオン VS Kecleon) is the 8th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 15.


Ruby and Wally are walking through a forest searching for a Pokémon for Wally to catch. While noticing a zigzag in the air, Ruby sends out his Mumu and Mumu attacks the zigzag pattern, revealing to be a Kecleon. Wally decides to do his best to catch the Kecleon.

Chapter plot

Ruby and Ruby reach the outskirts of Petalburg City. Disregarding a sign warning of frequent earthquakes and tsunamis, they search for a Pokémon for Wally to capture. Wally does not believe they should be out this late, but Ruby points at the beauty of nature, as they encounter a bunch of Volbeat and Illumise, dancing together with their tails glowing. Wally notices a zigzag floating in air. Mudkip approaches it and is attacked by this invisible Pokémon, so Mudkip smushes it with mud, causing the Pokémon to become visible. It is a Kecleon, which wraps Mudkip with a tongue.

Kecleon runs off, but Wally decides to capture it. Ruby is shocked, since it won't win in coolness and beauty contests. Wally is determined, so Ruby decides to help him out. They reach the beach, though Wally warns him most people don't come here because of tsunami and earthquakes. They encounter Kecleon, so Wally sends Ruby's Ralts, who uses Confusion on Kecleon. Wally throws his Poké Ball to catch Kecleon, who wraps the ball with its tongue. Wally repeats the catch, but fails, though admits he enjoys this. Wally thinks it must be because Ruby is here, while Ruby points out Rara's horn is glowing, meaning it is sensing Wally's emotions.

Wally thanks Ruby and gives him a PokéNav for helping him out. Wally explains it is a device made by Devon Corp., which should help Ruby scan for Pokémon's condition for Contests. Ruby is thrilled and stays longer for this present. Kecleon turns invisible, trying to escape. However, Wally and Ruby notice the zigzag, which Kecleon cannot hide. Ruby throws his Ball and catches Kecleon. Wally cries, finally having caught a Pokémon. Wally is glad, since he can move out to Ever Grande City with no regrets, though he feels his chest pain growing stronger. A rumbling suddenly starts, and Ruby is swept away by a huge wave. Ruby yells Rara it must take care of Wally before being swept away.

Wally wakes the next morning in his bed at Petalburg, Ruby's Ralts at his side. Ralts' glowing horns tell Wally that Ruby is, in fact, alive. The bet, however, continues for 77 more days.






Tail Glow


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