Brushing Past Breloom (VSキノガッサ VS Breloom) is the 7th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 15.


Ruby and Wally hide from Norman, whose Vigoroth defeats a wild Breloom. Wally comes out, but Norman knows well of Wally's illness. Ruby decides to help Wally out to catch a Pokémon, considering their parents to be overprotective.

Chapter plot

Wally is shocked to learn that Norman is Ruby's father, but leaves his and Ruby's hiding place. Suddenly, a Breloom appears, so Norman's Vigoroth uses Focus Punch, defeating Breloom. Norman knows it was no match for Vigoroth, though asks Wally to come out, knowing Wally was hiding. Wally asks Norman to teach him to capture a Pokémon but Norman flatly refuses, reminding Wally of his illness and how dangerous Pokémon can be. Norman knows well Wally is supposed to move to a town where his illness can be treated. Norman thinks Wally couldn't handle such a responsibility.

Listening to this in the bushes, Ruby is enraged, shifting a little and making the slightest noise. Hearing it, Norman turns and sends out his Slaking, using Swagger to confuse whoever's hiding. Norman walks around, looking, but misses the sight of Ruby hiding beneath a ledge under Norman's very feet. Satisfied that the sound must have been a Pokémon, Norman leaves.

Ruby, who was protected by his Kiki's Safeguard, emerges from his hiding place only to find Wally conscious on the ground. He takes Wally to his home in Petalburg City, where Wally's parents offer Ruby a room for the night. Ruby tries to sneak out, since he can't be in the city, though Wally wakes up. Wally tells Ruby that his parents must have asked Norman to refuse Wally's request. Ruby explains his father thinks he should be training with his Pokémon for battles, even if Ruby wants to pursue Contests.

Ruby tells him that parents worry too much and he lends his Rara to Wally (on the condition that Wally not get Ralts dirty); the two of them sneak out Wally's window and into the wilderness.





Focus Punch


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