Nixing Nuzleaf (VSコノハナ VS Nuzleaf) is the 6th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 15.


Arriving in Petalburg City (and trying to hide from his father), Ruby gets attacked by some Pokémon. After defeating them, he meets a boy, who wanted to catch some Pokémon. Ruby decides to help him out, but a person Ruby despises arrives.

Chapter plot

As Ruby speeds through Petalburg City, he admits he enjoys these Running Shoes once he got the grip on them. He notices some Oran and Pecha Berries in the trees and has Mumu use Water Gun to drop them down, allowing Ruby to collect them. Ruby decides to go to stay at a hotel for the night, but hides, knowing his father is in this town. Suddenly, Ruby is promptly attacked by Nuzleaf, Seedot and Lotad. Mumu uses Water Gun, though Nuzleaf dodges and retaliates with Razor Leaf. Mumu launches itself to grab Nuzleaf's nose and successfully defeats it. Ruby is pleased, but wonders what had agitated Nuzleaf.

Ruby looks around and finds a boy, who is trying and failing to capture his first Pokémon. The boy thanks Ruby for beating Nuzleaf, calling Mudkip "tough". Ruby, thinking of the contest category, is flattered and considers the boy a friend. Ruby admits he came to Hoenn to win in all contests. Ruby offers to help the boy to catch a Pokémon; however, the boy declines, explaining that someone is already going to help him.

Instinct warns Ruby; just in time, he grabs Wally and ducks behind some bushes before a man arrives. The boy wonders why are they hiding, so Ruby explains that that man is his father, Norman.







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