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Quillon is a character appearing in Pokémon Journeys: The Series.


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Quillon is a Top Chaser within Project Mew, with the highest score of all group members. Quiet and reserved, he takes his research work seriously, which led Quillon to disqualify Goh at first and then change his stance when Goh was able to fulfill the proposed mission.

Quillon appears to have a huge disdain for Pokémon Hunters and the way they handle their Pokémon.


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Quillon first appeared in Leaping Toward the Dream!, when he helped save Ash and Goh after they were caught in a snowstorm after trying to battle an Alolan Ninetales. Once the storm cleared, they set out to find the Ninetales once more and encountered it. Quillon watched as Goh attempted to catch it, only for a Regice to intervene. Once Pikachu went down whilst battling Regice, Quillon sent out his Single Strike Style Urshifu to battle Iceberg Pokémon, knocking it back with a single Wicked Blow. Back at the Project Mew Headquarters, Quillon questioned Goh if he agreed to join the group, and Goh accepted.

In Trial on a Golden Scale!, Quillon was seen monitoring the Alolan Ninetales and wishing to the Pokémon good luck in their new life. Later, when Goh and Ash were ambushed by a group of Pokémon Hunters led by Nito, Quillon and Danika engaged them in battle, defeating their opponents with each using their own Urshifu.

In Looking Out for Number Two!, Quillon was seen with Danika in a desert, confronting a Regirock as it emerged from the ruins before them.

In PJ102, Quillon, along with Danika, was seen evaluating the performance of Goh, Gary, and Horace's Raid Battle against an Articuno.

Quillon led a mission on PJ110 that Gary took part in. At the end of the Sea Mauville battle royale, Quillon joined Danika in a video conference and informed the Project Mew Challengers of the results and warned everyone that the period for evaluation was about to end.

In PJ113, Quillon was seen catching Registeel at the Iron Ruins. Using it, along with Regirock and Regice, he unsealed the Split-Decision Ruins so that Goh and Gary could conduct their Trial Mission there.


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