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Pseudo-Legendary Pokémon

All Pseudo-Legendary Pokémon evolution lines from Kanto to Galar.

Pseudo-Legendary Pokémon, also called Late Bloomers, is a fan term for a group of powerful Pokémon that are not officially classified as a Legendary Pokémon. All Pseudo-Legendary Pokémon are the final form of a three-stage evolution line, have a base stat total of 600 and require 1,250,000 experience points to reach level 100.

List of Pseudo-Legendary Pokémon[]

All generations introduce at least 1 Pseudo-Legendary Pokémon. Generation III, however, introduced two: Salamence and Metagross, and so did Generation VIII: Dragapult in the Sword and Shield games and Hisuian Goodra in Pokémon Legends: Arceus.

Dragonite Tyranitar Salamence Metagross Garchomp Hydreigon
0149Dragonite 0248Tyranitar 0373Salamence 0376Metagross 0445Garchomp 0635Hydreigon
Dragon/Flying Rock/Dark Dragon/Flying Steel/Psychic Dragon/Ground Dark/Dragon
Goodra Kommo-o Dragapult Hisuian Goodra Baxcalibur
0706Goodra Kommo-o 0887Dragapult 0706AGoodra ink=Baxcalibur
Dragon Dragon/Fighting Dragon/Ghost Steel/Dragon Dragon/Ice






  • Tyranitar and Metagross are the only Pseudo-Legendary Pokémon that are not Dragon types. Metagross is the only Pseudo-Legendary Pokémon that cannot learn a Dragon type move at all.
  • So far, no Pseudo-Legendary Pokémon have HP as their highest base stat.
  • Metagross is the only non-reptilian Pseudo-Legendary.
    • It is also the only Pseudo-Legendary Pokémon not to be weak to Fairy.
  • Goodra is the only Pseudo-Legendary Pokémon to be a single type.
    • It is also the first Pseudo-Legendary Pokémon to be given a Regional form.
  • Tyranitar, Salamence, Metagross and Garchomp are the only Pseudo-Legendary Pokémon that can Mega Evolve.
  • Kommo-o is the only Pseudo-Legendary Pokémon that has an exclusive Z-Move.
  • Tyranitar is the only Pseudo-Legendary Pokémon with a unique type combination.
  • Goodra, Kommo-o, and Baxcalibur are the only Pseudo-Legendary Pokémon to have no immunity to any type moves by types.
    • Dragonite and Salamence, both being a Flying type, are immune to Ground type moves. Hydreigon is also immune to Ground type moves due to having Levitate as its Ability.
    • Tyranitar and Hydreigon, both being a Dark type, are immune to Psychic type moves.
    • Metagross, being a Steel type, is immune to Poison type moves.
    • Garchomp, being a Ground type, is immune to Electric type moves.
    • Dragapult, being a Ghost type, is immune to Normal and Fighting type moves.
  • The only Generation without a Dragon type Pseudo Legendary is Generation II.
  • All Pseudo-Legendary Pokémon have been used in a battle with a Champion at one time or another:
    • Lance has a Dragonite in Gold/Silver. Ryuki also has a Dragonite when he challenges the player in Sun and Moon.
    • Blue has a Tyranitar in the rematch in FireRed/LeafGreen.
    • Steven and Molayne, as one of the challengers in Sun and Moon, have a Metagross.
    • Lance has a Salamence in the Pokémon Black and White 2 world tournament.
    • Cynthia and Ryuki, as one of the challengers in Sun and Moon, have a Garchomp.
    • Iris has a Hydreigon.
    • Diantha has a Goodra.
    • Ryuki, as one of the challengers in Sun and Moon, and Mustard both have a Kommo-o.
    • Leon uses a Dragapult during his Championship Match.
  • Lance and Ryuki are the only Champions/Champion Challengers that use the most Pseudo-Legendaries on their teams, with 3 each.
  • Most Pseudo-Legendaries are based on giant Japanese monsters, also known as Kaiju's. One example is Tyranitar, which is based on Godzilla.
  • Several Pseudo-Legendary Pokémon have a 4x weakness.