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Professor Turo is a character appearing in Pokémon Violet, who is also one of the Professors of the game, alongside Professor Sada in Pokémon Scarlet. He is a Professor who researches the lore of Paldea, and also is the primary professor of Uva Academy.


Professor Turo is a slender, tall man with brown hair and beard. He wears a blue bodysuit with purple outlines resembling circuit lines underneath his white lab coat with blue square-shaped buttons.


Turo had an immense fascination with the history of the future and its Pokémon, so much so that he invented a time machine to make contact with the distant future. He is a highly skilled inventor, with his time machine and robotic counterpart being prime examples. The robotic counterpart is far more advanced than any AI in the game, having retained his personality, memories and also has the ability to experience feelings and computing data.

Turo also had a strong desire to protect the time machine he created, taking great measures to keep it safe by installing numerous security systems to the point that his AI counterpart believed that it was all he cared about. However, the AI also remarks that he did truly care for his son.


At one point, Turo married Professor Sada and had a son with her, naming him Arven. As the years progressed, Sada eventually left him. He eventually created a robot that was identical to him in appearance and the AI helped him invent a time machine in order to make contact with the distant future. Discovering living beings couldn't travel through it, Professor Turo instead sent Poke Balls through the time machine and catch Pokemon from the future and brought them to the present, one of these Pokémon being Miraidon.

After catching these future Pokémon, they were dubbed "Paradox Pokémon" and Turo conducted research on them in hopes that they can one day coexist with modern Pokémon, though after they were proved too dangerous to Paldea, the Pokémon were locked in Area Zero. During this time, he also discovered how to bring the Terastal phenomenon outside of the crater in the form of Tera Orbs and invented a Pokémon ID locking system and Paradise Protection Protocol to further defend his time machine from any threats.

Turo then recovered a second Miraidon, which was more aggressive in nature than the first one. It went rampant in the lab and attempted to attack the first Miraidon, he threw himself in front of the latter to protect it, injuring him so severely that he ended up dying.

Pokémon Violet[]

After his sacrifice, the AI Professor Turo had taken care of his lab in his place until meeting the protagonist, who would only meet them in the research stations around Area Zero. During this time, AI Turo learned that the future Pokémon were escaping from Area Zero and that they would cause havoc in Paldea if left unchecked, and thus resolved to shut the machine off for good. When the protagonist arrived, they used a Violet Book that Arven had given them, although AI Turo warned them that he would end up fighting them should they attempt it.

Once the book was placed, AI Turo battled the protagonist and was defeated. However, a second failsafe mechanism took place that activated the Paradise Protection Protocol, calling the other Miraidon to eliminate the intruders. The protagonist's Miraidon was able to activate its Battle Form and defeated it after a long battle, returning AI Turo to his original programming. The AI then decided to head into the future, both to ensure the machine would not cause any further harm to the present to also experience an adventure, taking the Violet Book with him.

Pokémon Violet: The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero (The Indigo Disk)[]

Upon the player returning to the Crystal Pool, after obtaining Briar's Book and Terapagos, Turo will appear from the mist, who will offer to trade his book for Briar's, which cannot be denied. After this, he will be sent back to his own timeline. Based on his notes found in the Area Zero Underdepths, this is implied to have created a bootstrap paradox, as Turo calls Miraidon its original name Iron Serpent and remarks about meeting a child (the player) in the eastern lands who gave him a book.


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AI Turo[]

Part 1[]

Iron MothIron Bundle
0994Iron Moth Pokémon HOMETypeType Fire HOME Fire / Type Poison HOME Poison0991Iron Bundle Pokémon HOMETypeType Ice HOME Ice / Type Water HOME Water
Tera TypeNoneTera TypeNone
AbilityQuark DriveAbilityQuark Drive
MovesSludge WaveFiery DanceMovesDrill PeckWater Pulse
DischargeAir SlashFreeze-DrySnowscape
Iron HandsIron Jugulis
0992Iron Hands Pokémon HOMETypeType Fighting HOME Fighting / Type Electric HOME Electric0993Iron Jugulis Pokémon HOMETypeType Dark HOME Dark / Type Flying HOME Flying
Tera TypeNoneTera TypeNone
AbilityQuark DriveAbilityQuark Drive
MovesThunder PunchDrain PunchMovesAir SlashDark Pulse
Iron HeadFake OutFlamethrowerFlash Cannon
Iron ThornsIron Valiant
0995Iron Thorns Pokémon HOMETypeType Rock HOME Rock / Type Electric HOME Electric1006Iron Valiant Pokémon HOMETypeType Fairy HOME Fairy / Type Fighting HOME Fighting
Tera TypeNoneTera TypeNone
AbilityQuark DriveAbilityQuark Drive
MovesThunder PunchBrick BreakMovesPsycho CutBrick Break
Stone EdgeEarthquakeSpirit BreakPoison Jab

Part 2[]

During Part 2:

  • All of the player's Poké Balls are locked, and only their Miraidon (whose ball originally belonged to Turo) is able to battle.
  • The player's Miraidon always endures any fatal damage with 1 HP.
  • The player can Terastallize starting from Turn 6.
  • On Turn 9, the player is forced to end the fight with a Terastallization (if not already) and a Tera Blast.
1008Miraidon Pokémon HOMETypeType Electric HOME Electric / Type Dragon HOME Dragon
Tera TypeNone
AbilityHadron Engine
MovesHyper BeamCharge
TauntPower Gem


  • He, along with his wife Professor Sada, are the first Professors to be version exclusive.
  • Professor Sada and Professor Turo are the first Pokémon Professors to not be named after trees and plants: Pasada is Spanish for past and Futuro is Spanish for future.
  • He and his wife are also the first professors to be antagonists of the mainline games.
    • Turo outlives Sada if the players play Pokémon Scarlet, while in Pokémon Violet it is the opposite.
    • It’s Unknown if Turo is still alive in Pokémon Scarlet.
  • In his battle, AI Turo uses Master Balls for his Pokémon.
  • Turo is the third male antagonist to be a father, the first two being Giovanni, who is the father of Silver, and Ghetsis, who is the adoptive father of N.
  • Turo's attire resembles a futuristic Cybersuit.