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== Pokémon ==
== Pokémon ==
===With Ash and Go===
{{Trainer's Pokémon|type = electric|nameline = [[Rotom Phone (anime)|Rotom]] (2x)|type2 = ghost}}
{{Trainer's Pokémon|type = electric|nameline = [[Rotom Phone (anime)|Rotom]] (2x)|type2 = ghost}}

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Professor Sakuragi is a professor who works at the Sakuragi Institute that is located in Vermilion City. He is the father of Koharu.


He researches Pokémon with childlike wonder.


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In Vermilion city, Professor Sakuragi, open his lab where he gives a brief introduction about Pokémon. After Ash and Go got back from got back their adventure with Lugia, Sakuragi was amazed by the data they collected and decided to make them his research assistants of the Sakuragi Institute. Professor Sakuragi also offered Go a choice between the Kanto Starter Pokémon, but Go refused, saying he wanted his first Pokémon to be Mew.[1]


With Ash and Go

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Rotom (2x) *

Gives to new Trainers

He has these Pokémon to give to new Trainers:


  • Professor Sakuragi is the second professor of the anime series not to appear in the games. The first being Professor Ivy.
  • Professor Sakuragi is the second professor in Kanto that can give out Starter Pokémon to new Trainers.


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