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Professor Samuel Oak is a character appearing in the anime series. He is a Pokémon researcher who was once a competitive Trainer and is generally considered to be the best in his field of research.


Professor Oak is a middle-aged man with peach skin, gray hair, and thick, bushy eyebrows. He wears a white lab coat, a light maroon polo shirt, a brown belt and beige pants, and matching brown loafers. He has also occasionally been shown to wear blue boxers, which are usually revealed when a Pokémon gets angry and attacks him.

As a child, Professor Oak had short brown hair with a long fringe on each side and a full fringe in the front. He wore a white buttoned shirt, a brown belt, green pants, white shoes, and an olive green backpack.


Professor Oak lives up the road from Delia Ketchum and her son, and he and Delia often appear together as they are good friends. His known relatives are his grandson Gary, his cousin Samson and his great grandfather grand Oak.

His often-forgetful attitude and other antics are also notorious. He also has a hobby of composing senryū, haiku-like poems about Pokémon or Pokémon-related themes.

In the novelizations written by Takeshi Shudō, Professor Oak comes from a prestigious family. He has two brothers, one of whom is the mayor of Pallet Town while the other is its postmaster. His grandfather was the first Trainer from Pallet Town to receive widespread recognition, while Samuel himself gained prominence after he published a research paper on Pokémon at the age of 20. It is also stated that he became a professor at Celadon University at the age of 25. According to Professor Elm, Professor Oak's studies and research mostly focus on how humans and Pokémon interact with each other.

In SM042, Professor Oak is very close towards his cousin, Samson Oak, when he visits with Professor Kukui, Ash and his Alolan friends at his lab in Pallet Town.


Professor Oak as a child

He appears as a young boy, Sam (Japanese: ユキナリ Yukinari) in the fourth film, Celebi: Voice of the Forest. Ash befriends the young Oak, who, due to traveling from 40 years in the past, is around the same age as him. The revelation that Sam is Oak, while able to be speculated because Oak's first name was revealed in the second movie, The Power of One, comes only at the end of the movie, when Oak knows that Ash's friend's name was Sam despite Ash never telling him so, and Tracey finding the sketchbook in which young Sam drew Pikachu sleeping with Celebi in Oak's closet.

Professor Oak was having a broadcast on a channel, where he was describing the qualities of the three Starter Pokémon: Charmander, Bulbasaur and Squirtle.

Pokémon the Series: The Beginning

Ash, a Trainer from Pallet Town, wanted to meet with the professor to obtain one of these Pokémon. However, the alarm clock he had was broken and he arrived late to meet with Professor Oak. Since the latter already gave all of the Pokémon away, Oak offered Ash a fourth Pokémon: a Pikachu. Despite the professor's warnings that it was not for beginner Trainers, Ash nevertheless obtained Pikachu but got electrocuted by it. Oak also gave Ash some Poké Balls and a Pokédex, but he, too, was electrocuted by Pikachu.[1] After Ash reached Viridian City, he was contacted by Professor Oak. The latter expected Ash to have reached there, as did the Trainers that he gave the Starter Pokémon to. Ash also spoke about a mysterious Pokémon he encountered on his way to the city, before ending the call.[2]

When Ash caught Krabby, the Poké Ball he used to catch it disappeared. Realizing that he could only carry 6 Pokémon at a time, Ash noted that the Pokémon had been teleported to the professor's lab. He contacted the professor about this, worried that he was cooking his Krabby. The professor denied that, showing that his Krabby was put in a special container, next to Gary's Krabby, who was much bigger. Ash became mad to hear that Gary caught many more Pokémon than he did, while the professor learned that he was at Bill's lighthouse. Before ending the call, Oak asked of Ash to say hello to Bill, as they knew each other.[3] The professor went with Ash's mom, Delia, to Porta Vista, where they met up with Ash and his friends - Misty and Brock. The two watched the girls' competition, and heard some good words from Moe, who met with the heroes. After the day was over, the heroes bid farewell with Oak and Ash's mom.[4]

Having won the Gym Battle in Saffron City, Ash called Professor Oak, showing his new Gym Badges. The professor was not impressed much, explaining that other Trainers that left the journey collected five Badges so far, and even caught many more Pokémon. He reminded that Gary caught 30 new ones, and suggested to Ash to catch new ones to become a better Trainer. Ash became upset, and ended the call.[4] After Ash caught a new Pokémon, the professor became curious as to which Pokémon it was. Much to his disgust, Oak covered his nose as that Pokémon was a Muk.[5] Arriving to the Safari Zone, the heroes met up with a suspicious man named Kaiser. They called Professor Oak to gain more background about this, and were told that Kaiser protected the Safari Zone, since Trainers arrived there to capture many Pokémon, nearly destroying the ecosystem. Oak also spoke that there was a Dratini reported to be there, but hasn't been seen in a long time. At the end of the day, Oak was running away from 30 Tauros that Ash had caught in the Safari Zone.[6]

At the moment Pikachu was to separate from Ash and live among a group of wild Pikachu, Ash remembered the moment Oak gave Pikachu to him.[7]

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After Ash won his eight Badge, he went back to Pallet Town to meet up with Professor Oak. He was displeased to see Gary there as well, but Oak, who arrived as well, reminded that they both were promising Trainers. He added that the others that went on the journey did not have much success as they had, while Ash and Gary were competent enough to take on the Pokémon League. He revealed the tournament would be held at the Indigo League in two months. Ash and Gary started to bicker who was a better Trainer, to which Oak added that Ash had seen many more Pokémon than Gary did, while the latter caught more Pokémon that Ash did. He took the Trainers, showing some of the Pokémon they caught, and noted that their personalities matched that of their Trainers'.

The group suddenly encountered Team Rocket, to which Oak and Gary were in shock to witness a talking Meowth. Team Rocket attempted to snatch some of the Pokémon, but were blasted away by Ash's thirty Tauros. Oak stated while Ash did save the day with his Tauros, he reminded that he still had to repair the fence that the Tauros broke.[8] While Misty and Brock left Ash for training for the Pokémon League, Ash went to the professor's lab. Oak was having trouble in his evolution research regarding Shellder and Slowpoke. He knew that Slowpoke, once Shellder clamped onto its tail, evolved into a Slowbro, but did not know much about this process. He wanted to speak with Professor Westwood V, who worked on making the Pokédex, who lived on Seafoam Islands. This motivated Ash instead to visit that professor.[9]

When the heroes encountered Florinda and her Gloom, who would not evolve with the use of the Leaf Stone, Professor Oak came to resolve the situation. He made a note that this wasn't about loving a Pokémon, but the fact that the Leaf Stone Florinda was using was a fake, which she bought from shady dealers, who were Team Rocket in disguise.[10] The heroes were working with archaeologists on facing giant ancient Pokémon, Gengar. Oak, from a distance, mistook that a storm was approaching.[11] Ash was going to the professor for training, but Oak asked of Ash to give up. Instead, Oak claimed that Ash should be going to the Indigo League and train there. Ash decided to do so, to which Oak wished him luck in the tournament.[12] Oak watched the first rounds of the Indigo League battles, with Delia and some of the citizens of Pallet Town.[13]

Professor Oak and Delia went to the Indigo League, meeting up with the heroes. While Ash's mom went to prepare some food, Oak gave Ash some information on the next rounds: he would have to use his six Pokémon, and reminded he had to choose carefully which ones to use. However, he did promise support so that Ash could swap his Pokémon at any time. He exclaimed that Ash should try and give his best to earn the victory. Suddenly, they met with a boy in the elevator, who was interested in Ash's Pikachu. When the elevator's power went down, Oak attempted to repair it but failed. Instead, the boy used Ash's Pikachu to repair the elevator and succeeded. It made Oak see that the kid, Ritchie, was quite mature for his age.[14]

Oak and Delia were among the audience, to watch Ash's battle against Ritchie. Since Ash did not show up at the intended time, Delia became worried, but Oak calmed her down, thinking he would get out of whatever trouble he had been in. He watched the battle, noting that Ash's Charizard refused to fight Ritchie's Sparky, because it viewed the latter as an opponent not worthy to fight. While Ash lost the battle, Oak believed Ash could still feel hopeful, as he wanted to become a Pokémon Master.[15] Oak, Delia and Ash's friends waited for Ash at the door, knowing he was feeling bad for his loss. Oak noted that strength and power was what had earned Ash victories so far, and suspected he could've won more battles if he had trained his Charizard properly. After the League was closed, Ash went with his friends, his mom and the professor back to Pallet Town.[16]

Back home, Oak arranged a party for Ash to celebrate his participation at the Indigo League. After dealing with Team Rocket, who came to capture Pokémon, Oak healed Ash's Pidgeotto, who got poisoned by Poison Sting. Pidgeotto showed affection towards Ash, who hoped Charizard would feel the same one day. Oak was moved by this enthusiasm, and asked of Ash to go to Orange Islands' Valencia Island, to pick up a mysterious Poké Ball. However, he could not have it transported by the teleporter, and Gary had already left on another journey. Ash decided to do so, and later set out to the new region.[17] Once Ash arrived there, and met up with Professor Ivy, he contacted Oak. Oak was pleased that Ash got the GS Ball. He also met Professor Ivy, whose articles Oak had read before. At any rate, Oak was counting on Ash to deliver the ball to him.[18]

Later, Ash contacted Professor Oak, whom his new friend, Tracey, has met. Ash also showed that he had caught a Lapras. Oak reminded him he had to take good care of it, before he got knocked out by Ash's Muk trying to hug him.[19] As Pikachu abandoned Ash, and the latter was electrocuted by Electric-type Pokémon, he called Oak for advice. Oak asked of Ash to calm down, and attempt to find Pikachu. Since Officer Jenny's Gastly was unaffected, Jenny and Oak felt that a psychic power was at use, which caused Electric-type Pokémon to become hostile.[20] Arriving to an island with many pink-colored Pokémon, the heroes called Professor Oak. Oak remembered that Pinkan Island was protected by many whirlpools, and was kept in secret, for many poachers would come and snatch these rare Pokémon. Before ending the call, Oak was hugged by Ash's Muk once more.[21] After helping out Kay and her Raichu get over their stage fright, they called Professor Oak. The latter was interested in seeing their show, which featured Raichu imitating human speech.[22]

Having arrived on Moro Island, the heroes called Professor Oak. The latter stated they were lucky, as they could visit the museum, which depicted a 300-year-old trophy of the Orange Islands League, which had been uncovered recently.[23] Encoutering two Scyther, who were fighting one another, the heroes contacted Oak. Oak suspected that the older one was defeated in the fight for leadership. As it still wanted to earn the title of the leader, Oak advised Tracey to help Scyther reclaim that title.[24] Ash eventually collected the shells of the Orange Islands, and went to compete in the Orange League. He called Professor Oak to swap his team, to which he suggested using Tauros, Kingler or Muk. Ash chose Tauros to use, which made Tauros very happy with the decision.[25] Returning home, the heroes encountered a number of scared Lapras, who ignored Ash's Lapras. Oak, who was contacted about this, suspected that the Lapras did not trust humans: Officer Jenny confirmed this, as she was trying to apprehend the pirate poachers, who were stealing Lapras.[26] He reappeared in XY140: Till We Compete Again!.

Sometimes after Delia's Mr. Mime won the tickets to Alola, where Ash decided to stay in the region attending the Pokémon School, Prof. Samuel Oak requested Delia and Ash to deliver a newly produced Kantonian Vulpix Egg to his cousin, the school's headmaster Samson Oak.

Few days later when Tracey isn't available, Professor Oak calls both Brock and Misty for a tour guide on the Pokémon School’s field trip program for two days.

Few days after the crisis of Necrozma's recovery at Alola is over, the Pokémon School was encountered by a group of unidentified Pokémon species, and begin to research them, then send the data to Prof. Oak at night. On the next day morning, Prof. Oak finally confirms the students' research on the unidentified Pokémon species they discovered yesterday, naming it "Meltan", a Steel-type Pokémon.

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On hand

Professor Oak used Pidgey when there was a contest between him and an imposter, who was actually James, on who is the real Professor Oak. Using Pidgey to attack Team Rocket, Oak muses that it's not the size of the Pokémon that determines its strength and Pidgey was the perfect example of this.

Gives to new Trainers

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Bulbasaur *



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Bulbasaur *

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Totodile *


Given away

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Professor Oak gave Ash a Pikachu because he had already given away the other 3 starter Pokémon.

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Egg *

At his lab

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Squirtle *

Voice actors

  • Dutch: Jon van Ernd
  • German: Achim Sauvage
  • Polish: Grzegorz Pawlak
  • Norwegian: Even Rasmussen
  • Hungarian: Akos Koszegi
  • Hindi: Firoz Chowdary (Cartoon Network dub)


  • In the novelizations written by Takeshi Shudō, Professor Oak comes from a prestigious family. He has two brothers, one is the mayor of Pallet Town and the other is the Postmaster, and his grandfather was the first Trainer from Pallet Town to receive widespread recognition. According to Professor Elm, Professor Oak's studies and research mostly focus on how humans and Pokémon interact with each other.



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