Professor Oak's Lab

Professor Oak's lab.

Professor Oak's Lab (オーキド研究所 Ookido Kenkyuujo, lit. "Ōkido Research Institute"), also called Oak Pokémon Research Lab (オーキド博士のポケモン研究所 Ookido Hakase no Pokemon Kenkyuujo, lit. "Dr. Ōkido's Pokémon Research Institute"), is a laboratory in Pallet Town, where Professor Oak lives and studies Pokémon. In the games, Professor Oak gives away the Kanto starter Pokémon here.


The laboratory debuted in the first episode, Pokémon - I Choose You!, when Ash received his Pikachu. Since then, it has been seen in many episodes, mostly in the start and ending of a region adventure, but also in Pokémon Chronicles and in the movies. The building stands out in Pallet Town because of its wind turbine, the three windows of the inner balcony, and the four windows of the second floor. Every time Ash captures a Pokémon when he has six already with him, the new Pokémon is automatically transported here. Ash also has a habit of leaving all of his Pokémon besides Pikachu here each time he leaves for a new region, starting with Hoenn.


In the games, the lab is where Professor Oak can be found if the player character needs speak to him for help or advice. He studies Pokémon all day in his lab, assisted by aides. There are many different machines in the lab that are used by Oak for his research. One of the machines is a Pokédex, which Professor Oak gives to the player character along with five Poké Ballss after they are given a starter Pokémon. The Pokémon are kept on a table in the top-right corner and the player character is allowed to choose any of them. Once the player character defeats the Elite Four in Pokémon FireRed or LeafGreen, Professor Oak will update the player character's Pokédex to the National Dex.

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