This Venusaur is a grass/poison-type Pokémon owned by Professor Kukui.


During the exhibiton match at the Pokémon League, with his Braviary fainted, Kukui sent Venusaur against Ash's Rowlet. Rowlet went to use Brave Bird to attack Venusaur, who trapped it in its flower pod. As Rowlet tried to break free using Brave Bird, Venusaur was charging using Solar Beam. In the last second, Rowlet used Feather Dance, thus causing Venusaur to hit its cloak instead. Rowlet re-equipped its cloak and used Brave Bird, but got quickly defeated by Venusaur's Sludge Bomb and Vine Whip combo. Ash sent Torracat in, whom Venusaur hit with Vine Whip. However, Torracat's Fire Fang burned Venusaur badly. The latter attempted to retaliate with Sludge Bomb, but was intercepted and defeated by Torracat's Fire Blast.[2]

To mark its defeat during the exhbition match, the face of Kukui's Venusaur was blackened out at the screen.[3][4]

Known moves

  • Using Solar Beam
  • Using Sludge Bomb
  • Using Vine Whip


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