This Lucario is a Fighting/Steel-type Pokémon owned by Professor Kukui.


Masked Royal sent Lucario to fight Guzzlord at Manalo Stadium. Pikachu used Electroweb to trap it, while Lucario went to slam Guzzlord away with Close Combat. Next, it went to use Dragon Pulse, which pushed Guzzlord to the Ultra Wormhole. However, Guzzlord released itself from the web and hit Lucario away, making its attempt to use Close Combat fail.[1]

During the exhibiton match at the Pokémon League, Kukui swapped his Incineroar with his Lucario to face Ash's Naganadel. The two sides started the battle by using Close Combat and X-Scissor.[2] Lucario dodged Naganadel's X-Scissor, and retaliated with Close Combat. Nagandel took the hit, but quickly recovered. It fired Sludge Bomb, to which Lucario was unaffected, due to its Steel-type immunity towards Poison attacks. Lucario fired a Dragon Pulse, which Naganadel evaded. The latter fired a Thunderbolt, which Lucario attempted to block. It failed and got electrocuted. Lucario went to use Close Combat, but got hit by X-Scissor. Instead, Lucario used Extreme Speed, which hurt Naganadel quite a bit. The two sides fired Dragon Pulse, causing each other's attacks to collide. Naganadel went to use X-Scissor, which Lucario blocked with Close Combat. However, at close range, while Lucario was holding Naganadel, the latter used Dragon Pulse, which defeated Lucario.[3]

To mark its defeat during the exhibition match, the face of Kukui's Lucario was blackened out at the screen.[4]

Known moves

  • Using Close Combat
  • Using Dragon Pulse
  • Using Extreme Speed


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