This Braviary is a Normal/Flying-type Pokémon owned by Professor Kukui.


When Professor Kukui and Guzma were Hala's apprentices, they used to have battles with one another. Braviary used Brave Bird to defeat Golisopod, to which Kukui commented that Guzma needed to befriend his Pokémon.[1]

Hearing Professor Burnet's distress call, Professor Kukui rushed to her aid and sent Braviary. Braviary used Brave Bird and defeated all of Hakamo-o and Jangmo-o.[2] Professor Kukui sent Braviary as a guest to attend his wedding with Professor Burnet.[3]

Professor Kukui sent Braviary to use Rock Slide to attack the Matori Matrix' aircraft, to prevent Team Rocket from accessing the Ultra Wormhole. However, Gozu's Mega Aggron defeated it in one hit.[4] Since Faba had no other Pokémon left, Kukui called Braivary into his Poké Ball.[5]

During his exhibition match with Ash, Professor Kukui sent Braviary to battle against Ash's Lycanroc. Kukui had Braviary use Rock Slide to attack Lycanroc.[6] Lycanroc used Counter to reflect the Rock Slide, thus wounding Braviary, who went to use Sky Drop. While Lycanroc managed to bite his leg, Braviary took Lycanroc and ascended up, then took a dive to drop Lycanroc from a very high altitude, dealing serious damage. Lycanroc endured the attack, and went to use Stone Edge, only to be deflected by Steel Wing. While distracted, Lycanroc was defeated by Braviary's Superpower. Ash sent Rowlet, who used Razor Leaf to attack Braviary, whose Steel Wing deflected the attacks. Braviary began to chase Rowlet in mid-air, who used Seed Bomb to hit Braviary, but the latter deflected the attack with Steel Wing. Braviary's speed increased and hit Rowlet with Steel Wing. As Braviary went to use Superpower, Rowlet's Brave Bird evaded the attack and hit Braviary, an attack that defeated him.[7]

To mark his defeat during the exhibition match, the face of Kukui's Braviary was blackened out at the screen.[8][9]

Known moves

  • Using Brave Bird
  • Using Rock Slide
  • Using Sky Drop
  • Using Steel Wing
  • Using Superpower


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