This Gulpin is a poison-type Pokémon owned by Professor Jacuzzi.


Once Jacuzzi blew away most of the Gulpin, one of them was still in the way. Since Jacuzzi's machine broke down, Ash's Treecko started battling Gulpin. Treecko used Bullet Seed against Gulpin's Sludge attack. Just as Treecko used Pound, Jacuzzi repaired his machine and activated it, causing both Treecko and Gulpin to be sucked in. Inside the machine, Gulpin used Stockpile, followed by Spit Up, which hit Treecko and the machine. Both Treecko and Gulpin were taken out, but they were enlarged to enormous sizes. Gulpin tried to move away, but was blocked by Treecko. Treecko evaded its Sludge attack and tossed it into a lake. Gulpin used Stockpile and Spit Up combo and while Treecko dodged the attack, it shrank down to its original size. Jacuzzi tried to use his Poké Ball to catch Gulpin, but failed. Instead, Nurse Joy gave Jacuzzi a Heavy Ball, which managed to capture Gulpin. Despite being captured, Gulpin was still quite big, so Jacuzzi promised to find a way to restore it back to its original size.

Known moves

  • Using Sludge
  • Using Stockpile
  • Using Spit Up
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