This Chingling is a psychic-type Pokémon owned by Professor Carolina.


Chingling was with Cynthia's grandmother at the milk shop on Route 213.[1] It accompanied her, as well as Diamond, Pearl and Platinum to Celestic Town, where they encountered Cyrus.[2][3][4]

Cynthia visited her grandmother and Chingling in Celestic Town, where her grandmother gave her the scroll that Cyrus wanted to steal.[5]

Chingling and Cynthia's mother were at Celestic Town, where the latter wanted to train Cynthia to properly use Draco Meteor.[6] The two went with Cynthia to Sunyshore City, where they witnessed Cynthia's Garchomp executing Draco Meteor on Giratina.[7]

Known moves

None of Chingling's moves are known.


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