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Professor Burnet is a character appearing in the Sun & Moon series.


Professor Burnet is a woman with medium-short white spiky hair pointing backwards, and has yellow eyes. Burnet, who has tanned skin, wears a grey vest and black stirrup pants. She also wears green flat shoes and a green headband at the back of her head, and wears a silver necklace, with her wedding ring hanging.

Occasionally, she wears a black jacket with orange ends tied to her waist, which she wears when performing underwater research. On few occasions, she is shown in her pajamas, consisting of a light grey top, dark purple shorts and a light cerulean overcoat.


Professor Burnet is an outgoing, cheeky kind of person, who takes care of her friends. She has an interest in Professor Kukui, whom she married, and in the group of children he teaches to in the Pokémon School.


Pokémon the Series: Sun and Moon

Ash watched a commercial about Professor Burnet, who was to be elected for the "Lady of the Alola" award. Professor Kukui explained to Ash she was a researcher, whose achievements earned her the right to her title. At that time, Burnet was researching Ultra Wormholes at the Altar of the Sunne, and was a part of the Aether Foundation team, led by Lusamine. She confirmed having readings of Ultra energies at the place. Faba doubted that, blaming her faulty equipment, since he didn't see anything on his devices. Lusamine disproved that, and Burnet laughed, which made Faba annoyed. The team nevertheless continued their research. Burnet eventually found some traces of Ultra energy, but showed the location was on Melemele Island. Thus, the team flew over to that island, where they met up with Professor Kukui. They anticipated Ash's arrival, who came with Lillie and a being they called "Nebby". The group introduced themselves, and Burnet showed an ancient drawing of Ultra Beasts battling the Guardian Deities. To conclude, Burnet believed Nebby was an Ultra Beast, while Lusamine, who wanted to analyze Nebby, let Ash keep it, as he made a promise to Solgaleo and Lunala in his dream to protect it.[1]

Burnet met the heroes at Aether Paradise, as she dived out of a pool of water with her Munchlax. She explained her job was to analyze the area if it was fit for the Pokémon to live around. Faba doubted there was a need to research that, yet Burnet wanted to combine her job and hobby. She reminded the artificial island was for injured and abandoned Pokémon to recover. She let the heroes come into a small house, where she was treating the Ditto, and was to vaccinate them. By accident, one Ditto became startled and fled out of the house. Despite the mistake, Burnet reminded Ditto didn't like vaccination. Once the heroes retrieved Ditto, Burnet vaccinated it, and she and Wicke thanked the heroes for retrieving it.[2]

Kukui and Ash let Professor Burnet analyze Nebby. After Burnet finished the checkup, Ash thought she could join in the sleepover. Kukui doubted that, since Burnet was a busy person, but Burnet explained she did not have any chores for the day, and agreed in staying for the night. Regardless, Kukui apologized to Burnet for being dragged into this, who did not mind the sleepover at all. After the children played hide-and-seek with Nebby, Burnet and Kukui joined in for a game with Rotom, to mimic Z-Move poses, based on Rotom's dial spins. The game was cut when Kiawe accidentally had Turtonator unleash Inferno Overdrive. Kukui, Sophocles, Lana and Kiawe cleaned the room up, and watched the TV afterwards, featuring a PokéBase match. With others having prepared the dinner, the group sat to eat the food, but Munchlax ate the meals. Without further ado, Kukui went with Burnet to do some shopping for food. Burnet apologized for the lack of dinner to Kukui, who reminded she just helped out. Burnet thanked him, for the children, who were behaving well, were reminding her about her childhood. After everyone had dinner, Kukui briefly spoke with Burnet before going to bed. The next day, Kukui bid everyone farewell, as Burnet and others went back to their homes.[3]

Burnet visited the Trainer's School, and was told Lillie started to fear even her own Pokémon, Snowy. Lillie tried to touch it, but failed. Burnet nevertheless applauded her for the effort.[4] Burnet, Wicke and Lusamine made a brief meeting, after the incident involving Faba. Burnet reminded Faba also opened an Ultra Wormhole four years ago, and Lusamine was grateful that Silvally was there to protect her daughter, and blamed herself for being a terrible mother, like Gladion said to her. Burnet, regardless, reminded the importance of being alert about the Ultra Beasts, though Wicke reported Faba was nowhere to be seen. Later, Wicke and Burnet saw a threat in the basement, and went there.[5] Wicke and Burnet reprimanded Faba for using Burnet's machine without her approval. Faba defended herself, blaming Lusamine for that. Gladion asked Burnet if the Ultra Wormhole could be reopened to save his mother. Burnet denied this, for the machine was broken and they had no idea for how long the Wormhole would be opened. Instead, she advised them to return to Melemele Island and get some rest. Ash showed Nebby transformed; Burnet was uncertain what that could mean, and told Ash to continue watching over Nebby.[6]

Kukui got a call from Professor Burnet. He went to her, and counted on "his partner". He found Professor Burnet and Munchlax overwhelmed by the Hakamo-o and Kommo-o. In order to protect them, Kukui sent Braviary, who used Brave Bird. After the battle, Kukui and Burnet saw the children went through the Ultra Wormhole on their own.[7] Kukui helped Burnet set the equipment, who blasted out a marker, to help the children come back from the Ultra Wormhole.[8] After a while, Kukui and Burnet saw the Ultra Wormhole opening, and were glad the children succeeded in rescuing Lusamine.[9]

After Lusamine had been rescued, Kukui noted the class' friendship has been improved, before going into the classroom as a teacher. At the beach, Kukui was walking with Professor Burnet, who was amazed by Ash's coolness. She wanted to meet the heroes, but Kukui admited he wanted to see her, too. The two noted they had lot in common, and noted they had something on their mind. Burnet let Kukui speak, who was slightly embarrassed. Burnet pointed at Kukui, shouting "I choose you!", while Kukui opened a Poké Ball, showing a ring, which made Burnet blush. The two told Ash and Rotom they would get married. Before the wedding began, Kukui followed Ash, who came to Professor Burnet, who was dressed in a white gown. Soon, in a suit, Kukui sent Braviary, as his partner to accompany him to the altar, while Burnet was accompanied by her Munchlax. Kukui walked to the altar with Burnet, with Samson Oak speaking out their vows. Kukui and Burnet placed rings on their fingers, officially becoming a husband and wife. The two had fun at the wedding party (where Burnet threw the bouquet of flowers), and noted Solgaleo in the sky, proclaiming it was "their Nebby".[10]

With Burnet living with Professor Kukui, the latter had Ash tell his wife that breakfast was ready. After everyone had breakfast, Burnet realized she forgot about the business trip. Kukui promised to help her pack up, while Ash bid them farewell, as he went to school.[11] Ash went to announce to his Pokémon that he, Burnet and Kukui would go to do some shopping. Burnet shushed him, since the Pokémon were asleep, with Kukui assuring Ash nothing would go wrong if they went out. When they returned, they found a washing machine, even if they did not order one. The delivery man arrived, and took back the washing machine he delivered to them by accident. Rotom was lying on the floor, and Kukui activated it back. Ash noted Rotom started to behave strangely, but Burnet believed that was just a side-effect of Rotom being rebooted.[12] Kukui, Ash and Burnet were walking at the beach, and encountered Team Rocket's Mareanie, who was quite sad, which prompted them to took her inside their house. Burnet wanted to give Mareanie some food, but Mareanie refused to eat. Her Munchlax attempted to eat the food, but Burnet reminded that was not polite. The next day, Burnet saw Mareanie outside with Team Rocket, and told Ash that Mareanie was feeling better.[13]

The heroes answered to the call of danger. Becoming Ultra Guardians, they contacted Lusamine, who stood by Wicke and Burnet. The trio explained a new Ultra Beast, which they named Buzzwole, emerged out of a Ultra Wormhole. Burnet showed them a footage of Buzzwole emerging out, and declared they had Ultra Beasts classified as Pokémon. Once the Ultra Guardians subdued Buzzwole, Burnet came with Lusamine and Wicke, and helped configure her machine to open the Ultra Wormhole before watching Buzzwole returning to its world.[14] One day, Ash watched a match between the Masked Royal and his Incineroar. Burnet noted her husband did not arrive to home yet, and upon seeing the Masked Royal on television, admitted she liked to watch his battles, too. Later, she considered Ash lucky to have met Masked Royal. She also asked Kukui would he like to meet Masked Royal, to which Kukui nervously grinned.[15]

Upon the discovery of the purplish being, the heroes contacted Burnet, Lusamine and Wicke. The trio decided to name the being, which was an Ultra Beast, as Poipole. Since they could not find the location of the Ultra Wormhole, from where Poipole emerged from, they let Ash catch and keep Poipole until then. When Burnet arrived home, she and Kukui saw Poipole playing with the Pokémon, and commented they were like a big family.[16]

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