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This Mudkip is a water-type Pokémon used by Professor Birch.


Mudkip using Water Gun on May.

When Professor Birch fell off a cliff and lost his bag, he was being chased by three Poochyena. May came and, per Professor Birch's instructions, sent a Pokémon, a Mudkip. May ordered Mudkip to use Water Gun, but Mudkip used the move on May, since she did not point on Poochyena. Professor Birch grabbed Mudkip's attention, allowing Mudkip to use Water Gun to scare off the Poochyena. Later on, Birch offered Mudkip to May, as a starter Pokémon. Recalling her earlier experience, May refused.[1]

When May saw a Mudkip up-close on Dewford Island, she remembered her experience with Professor Birch and his Mudkip and decided not to catch one.[2]

May also remembered her experience with Mudkip, when she and Max visited Professor Birch's lab.[3]

Known moves