Professor Alden is a minor character from Pokémon Advanced.


Pokémon the Series: Ruby and Sapphire

While traveling to Petalburg City, Ash and May met Professor Alden, a researcher, who showed them directions to the Pokémon Center. Later on, Alder met up with Ash and May inside the Pokémon Center, admitting he was excavating some ancient ruins, which required four keys to enter in. Just then, a group of people, dressed in red hoods, cut the power of the Center and intimidated Alden to come with them. Alden was taken to the ruins, where he was forced to use the four keys to open the ruins. The men with red hoods were disappointed there were nothing but wall designs and flew away. Ash and May came to Alden and defeated Team Rocket, who were trying to get the keys. Regardless, the sun shined upon the ruins, revealing a secret entrance. Alden was astounded to see Relicanth, which were living Pokémon fossils. Alden bid farewell to May and Ash, deciding to stay at the ruins to examine them more closely.

Episode appearances

Episode Title
RS002 A Ruin with a View
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