Princess Salvia is a character that appeared in Pokémon: DP Sinnoh League Victors.


Pokémon the Series: Diamond and Pearl

Salvia is uncannily similar to Dawn. Their facial features are markedly similar, even down to their hair color and eyes. She speaks British-Accent after born from the kingdom. Her dream was to participate in a Pokémon Contest, which she did and won, but gave her ribbon to Jessilina and her Togekiss to Dawn. After the contest, she was seen in a flashback when Dawn commented on her new Togekiss and was later seen watching the Grand Festival on the TV as Dawn competed in it.


Given away

Dawn Togekiss

Episode appearances

Episode Title
DP171 Dawn of a Royal Day!
DP177 A Grand Fight for Winning!

Voice actors

Spanish: Susana Moreno


  • When Dawn and Salvia very much look a like and exchange clothes, that scene is very similar to the fairy tale of The Prince and The pauper.
    • This outfit exchange gave Salvia the chance to compete in a Contest; to sell the switch and accomodate for Sinnoh's rule of Coordinators wearing formal attire when competing, Salvia wore Dawn's travel attire (including the very short skirt that especially embarrassed her) to compete, making her the second person to compete in a Contest in a travel-oriented outfit (Ash in Jubilife City the other).
  • Salvia is one of only two characters to win in her Contest debut; the other is James.
    • Notably, both were disguised as other people and gave their ribbons to Jessie (because James was masquerading as his partner's Contest alias, with the crowd believing Jessie herself won it, while Salvia giving hers to Jessie was because Dawn already had five ribbons by that point).


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